Basal Rates

How many basal rates do you have in your pump?I have 8.Is it bad when you have too many?

Here is a discussion we had on this topic

I currently have 4

I now, after several years of having 4+ rates, understand why to many defeats the different rates.

I have 3 currently. With more I have found that the various rates start to interact with the next rate because of the impact of background insulin which can last 4 or more hours.

There are no value judgments when it comes to medication. If the rates are effective in keeping your BG under control they’re good. If not, they’re just not working.


I have 3 after my first month on the pump, and we’re still adjusting.

Dave, for me there was a problems and it was illustrated clearly when I started looking at the CGM numbers. The overlapping of the background insulin appeared to be having and effect of the basal changes. The lesser, recommended by my endo, did turn out to work much better for me. I use the temp basal for making short term adjustments.

We are all are own experiment aren’t we!

Sure helps flexibility of activities. Out of curiosity, what is the timing and rates you are using?

I now have 5 basal rates.