How many basal rates do you have programmed into your pump?

I have tried a variety of approaches…interested in what everyone else is doing. Oh…and I use 5 different rates throughout the day. Go up around meals and during the few hours before getting up in a.m. Total of about 43 u/d.

I have 5 also

3 if you count my exercise basal

I have 5 as well!

I have 5

I have 5.

4 atm…

4 Basal rates. The Endo suggested keeping it simple and it works for me. I initially tried the 7 or 8 basal rates trying to pinpoint every climb and dip in blood glucose. The truth is your body is going to require different amounts of basal insulin depending on a multitude of factors. Your body doesn’t (at least mine doesn’t) behave the same way every day. Over about a six month period I was able to look at my general trends (with a CGMS) and find a simplified pattern that works.

CGMS is probably key…waiting, waiting…to get coverage.

Four basal rates: 12 AM - 3AM, 3 AM - 7:30 AM (for dawn phenomenon), 7:30 AM - 9 PM, 9 PM - 12 AM

right now I have 6

I just have the one. I am a newby. But I do rather well lately with it. Although it is a massive amount of insulin.

I have Standard ,…normal Shuswap weather in winter, summer , fall , spring , total 12,25 u basal ; pattern A, …real cold winter weather…freezing buns off , total 13.10 u basal and pattern B : real hot summer weather as right now …glowing all the time total 10.9 u basal . Each one has 6 different rates .Do not have the dawn phenomenon …and require less insulin at 4 am …go figure .And between all rates minor differeneces .But don’t go by mine …your approach may work for YOU !!

5 different rtesthroughout the day…and temp basals for exercise and illness

I have six different basal rates. Or are you asking about different basal patterns (in MM speak,) ie a completely separate set of basal rates for something atypical? For those I have two that I use at different times depending on activitiy.

i started with 5 but as we kept adjusting they began to look the same. right now i am at 2. or 5, but 3 of them are the same rate

I have 5 rates and my pump guru thinks we should probably set up a weekend pattern to cover the yard work and the kayaking.

good point Mike…I too have multiple basal patterns (weekday, weekend) and use temporary basal function (% of normal basal set) for activity, sickness, girlie time (yikes) = about 15% more than usual.

love kayaking:)

if it works…it works:) what are you calling “massive”? 0.5-0.6/kg is pretty normal for new dx IDDM…as we age (don’t I know it) you lose all islet cell production and can become more insulin resistant…but, given that - I still only use about 0.7- 0.8/kg adjusted body weight (IBW + 15%).