Basically my weekend :P

Third attempt at an opening to my second blog so here it is :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t really know what to say but I thought I’d forget to write another one lol! Its bank holiday Monday here in Ireland! As a ‘typical Irish’ person I did go out and drink a few alcoholic beverages! I read a lot about how alcohol affects many diabetics blood sugar levels but it doesn’t seem to mess up mine too much! Also, I know drinking is not good for diabetics but I like to fall under the stereotype of ‘’ all Irish people drink’’. I’ll tell you now I don’t drink that often but I did this weekend because my friends (who I hadn’t seen since May) came over and we decided to hit the town!
I’ve heard vodka is the most suitable drink for diabetics but I don’t like it! I suppose I do ‘mind’ myself when out. My friends are always shots, tequila and sambuka being their favourites, but I don’t! I feel wine spritzers do affect my sugars but I’ve learnt ‘light’ beers don’t affect me at all! I’m a lover of Bulmers light and Coors light! I wonder what alcoholic drinks you diabetics drink when on a night out? It would be nice to hear what others ones there are! Also, never forget to get some type of carbs into your body on a night out! Prevents hypo’s! I’m sure you all knew that already :stuck_out_tongue:
Bye for now :smiley: