Fun in the Sun


Well - I have to admit that today I drank about 6 too many beers. The kids, grampa and I went to the pool about 4:00 and they just started going down too quickly! Little men were swiming while dad was tending to his great sun-tan and sipping a cold one.

Now after dinner I am just worn out. Guess I should take 'r easy to make sure the sugar is all in-check!


Having some beers by the pool…that sounds like my kind of day. Do you have any advice for a newbie on how to handle beer and the the diabetes?



Especially first, you have to really test out what beer does to your blood sugar. I am not the best tester in the world, but if I do have any type of alcohol, then I make it a point to check.

I am not a doc - but what I would suggest is to see what beer does to you on a normal day (where what you eat and the activity level is pretty common) and as you drink a beer, check to see what it does an hour, two and three later.

What is scary sometimes is that alcohol can have the opposite affect, and bring you down versus taking your sugar up.

Moderation is always the key though :))