Batteries, tape, IV Prep, oh my!

Does anyone successfully file claims to their insurance carrier to be reimbursed for all the little, yet expensive, things we need?

I also have a FSA account, and I know they’ll reimburse me for this stuff, but that’s like giving me my own money back.

My insurance, BCBS, seems to pay (80%) of pretty much anything I order from the Animas store, including batteries, IV Prep, battery caps, etc. Of course that’s after I’ve met my deductable for the year.

My HMO wont pay for batteries, IV Prep or tape.

In my PIng Pump startup kit, I received the infusion sets, insulin cartridges, and some alcohol wipes, do i even need these IV Preps that you guys mention?

Even being new to the pump thing, I find that IVPrep does a slightly better job preparing a site than alcohol swabs… I seem to have better adhesion of the infusion set and less of the edges peeling, esp after a shower…

You still will have to gently push down the edges after the shower, but they seem to stick better… YMMV :slight_smile:

I’m brand new to this TuDiabetes site so, I’m sure you’ve already received responses. Yes, you do NEED to use the IV Preps. The Preps are used because the canula site is left in your same site for a number of days, or so thats what I was taught a number of years ago when I started pumping. It’s not like giving a quicky injection.
Happy Pumping!


I can confirm that the Iv Prep wipes REALLY help. I can tell when I place the cannula outside where I wiped. Those tend to pull off early. I had one the other day pull out on my way to work! I’m glad I keep a couple extra supplies in my desk for just an occasion.

I do want to warn that if you use a glucose sensor, they say to NOT use the IV Prep wipe and only alcohol wipes. Something about not wanting to get any of the stuff inside the sensor. I have only been using a sensor for less than a week, but the IV 3000 dressing seems to hold really well. I was thinking if it didn’t to try the IV Prep wipe.

Mine will pay for tape, but not batteries or any kind of adhesive or remover.

I’ve only just now ordered a replacement cartridge cap and battery cover… we’ll see if those go towards me deductible or not.

you are very lucky. my BCBS only covers 75%. needless to say, i will be changing insurance companies, especially after i got a $6000 bill from neighborhood diabetes for my pump upgrade, when i was told that it was going to be covered 100% GRRRRRRRRR
But other than that they cover iv prep, batteries, ect.

Bob, I know this is an old post, but when I ordered supplies from Animas, they insisted that no insurance covers the battery and cartridge caps. I asked them to at least try by submitting them to my BC/BS policy, but they refused. Did they submit them for you or did you do it yourself?

I get everything I need. Wipes, sets, caps, cartridges, batteries, insulin, Dex sensors, !V3000, etc are all covered by my insurance.

The only problem I have had was with Battery and Cartridge Caps from Animas. There is no HCPCX code for those products and they must be billed under E1399 (DME - NOS), etc. Once Animas and Highpoint BCBS communicated, the way was paved.

BOTTOM Line, know your policy as well as you know how to do a BG! Be political.

I got my insurance company to pay for the IV prep. I had to pay for the pump lens cover but that is ok, at least the iv prep was covered. I do try to get as much covered if I can and if not, at least I can list it down as an item not covered for future orders. Although I have managed care medicaid (network health commonwealth care).

One thing you can do is use the donut technique… basically you use a alcohol or alcohol/CNG wipe, then go over it in a donut shape with SKIN PREP… leaving a open area for the sensor to be stuck through…