IV Prep Wipes

Does anyone know if I could get my local CVS or Target to order IV prep wipes for me? I was having my friend’s mom steal some from work for me but I’m starting to run low. Alternatively, any recommended websites to order them from? I found some websites but the price variations made me a bit skeptical (how are they selling them for $9 if everyone else is $25?).

Hi Jackie,

Depending on your insurance situation, you might just want to get them from Minimed. I have them throw in a box of IV prep wipes every time I reorder supplies. I’m not sure what they cost exactly, but I think it was around $15 or so.

Your pharmacy can order them. I have one local that does for me whenever i run out early. My insurance covers all I need as long as I don’t go through multiply sites in a day. I can use infusion sets without them so every once in a while when I am low I call a small local pharmacy and they order. It cost me 25.00 for a box of 50. I don’t know about the larger places I would try to call them and ask if they can order them. I know you can order them from Minimed also. They come in different amounts so make sure your getting the amount you want for the price your paying,
Be loved


I have ordered from them many times over many years and their service is always 100%. In fact, I just ordered a box of the S&N IV3000 for the MM CGM sensors. Shipped the same day.

I have ordered mine on ebay and amazon. I bet the pharmacy would order them for you, though. I know Walgreens has been really good about ordering stuff like that for me.

My insurance does not cover. I have ordered from Target and other places but have found the lowest price at Costco (special order) and costs between $10 and $11 per box. I usually get two or three when I do order and thats many months.

Actually if you order them from Minimed they will try to bill the insurance company. My insurance will pay for the IV Preps and the Skin Tac. Won’t pay for Tac Away however. Worth a try.