I am sure there may already be something in here on this, but I am a bit OCD and like to keep things organized where I can find it easily enough. I have been in the process of trying to find an Insulin Pump my insurance leaves me poorly equipped to get one through them due to the fact that after it is all said and down my out of pocket cost would be 3900.00 dollars which is insane. However I have found some on craigslist for about 800.00 which is still slightly unmanagable for me without payments or something. If anyone has any advice regarding better ways to go about getting one either through a program or well anything let me know.

When I got my Ping, my share after my insurance coverage was $1,000, and the rep told me that if I qualified for a low-income exemption I could have that $1,000 waived, which I did. I don’t know if your income level will qualify you or if Animas would waive the larger amount, but it’s something worth checking into.I also get 30% more off my supplies with the low income “exemption”. I don’t know about buying one on craigslist because there would be no warrenty.

Wow you have been helpful all around, and I just joined this site today lol… Thanks that is relieving news, I do have an application in to Animas as that pump seems the best suited for me and my life, and you’re right I would prefer the secuirty of knowning that it is under warranty and where it came from. How long did it take for you to get a response from them?

I am not sure about what programs are out there, but I agree with Zoe, you don’t want to buy it on Craigs List. For one thing, it is actually illegal for them to sale someone that needs a prescription. Like Zoe said, you would not have a warranty. My Ping was replaced after 6 months and the replacement broke 2 months later - both were brand new. You don’t want to buy something without a warranty!

Pump companies often have trade in programs that people get a refurbished one for for a couple hundred dollars. I know you don’t have one to trade in, but they might have refurbished ones for sale. Good luck!

My experience with Animas was great. The sales rep contacted my insurance for me and had approval for me in a matter of days. Then he mentioned the “exemption” and I faxed him my paperwork and he got back to me that I was approved in about a week. Their Clinical Manager also went to my doctor’s office and had him sign the approval in person because he was slow to respond. All told it was les than 3 weeks from inquiry till I had my pump. Some people report much longer waits though. Do ask them about the exemption because I’ve talked to other people who say their sales rep never brought that up to them. I love my Ping!

You may also qualify for the The Charles Ray III Diabetes Association, Inc. for help getting a pump. See http://www.cr3diabetes.org/. Currently, they are accepting applications for pumps but not for pump supplies. On the other hand, if the pump company is willing to work with you on payments, and I think they are, you may do as well going that route. Will your insurance pay for supplies? If they approve the pump, they should.