BC BS Fed rejects Animas cartridges! Anyone else?

I got a new Animas Ping a week ago, and now I have to write an appeal letter to try to get Blue Cross Blue Shield Federal to cover the cartridges! I doubt I am the only one on BC BS Fed with an Animas. Has anyone else had this problem?


Nope, I haven’t ordered in the last couple of months but I haven’t had an issue with the infusion sets or the cartridges.

I’m talking regular 2.0 ml cartridge reservoirs! Non-filled. Apparently 3.0 ml is approved, but not 2.0!

That’s pretty weird, I think the ping only takes the 2.0 ml cartridge. That is exactly what I order, and haven’t had a problem to date. I know there are a couple BC/BS programs for the feds, but logically if they pay for the pump they should be paying for the cartridge.

Actually, it sounds like a clerical error of some sort. Who knows, maybe an employee inputted the wrong item number into the database of approved items or whatever.

I agree… I would suspect a coding error perhaps, because that’s just weird!

I have to say though, if there was one component I had to pay for out of pocket, the cartridges would be it… hopefully you can get it sorted out though.

If you didn’t already do it, try calling Animas’ reorders group for help (877) YES PUMP.

I am a Federal employee with BCBS and they cover mine with no copay.

Ok…researched today and figured it out…I think…

With Medtronic, I ordered infusion sets and reservoirs through Medco online pharmacy. Animas said they do not list as a pharmacy product because they do not have pharmacy license. They want you to order as a durable medical equipment. So I just need to change my ways. Maybe its cheaper this way???

It would be lots cheaper for durable medical equipment, because that counts towards your deductible and a regular prescription does not. I think it is a 85% payout this year.

yea…I’m learnin! One gets caught up in their old ways and doesn’t always look around. Thanks.

So whats the best way to refill? monthly, every 3 months…etc???

Really, it should be personal preference as it shouldn’t matter for insurance reasons. Once you get it set up with flex you can pay for it with pre-tax income as well.