Be honest, the BG police aren't here

How often in a week do you “cheat” a little on what you are eating?

How often in a week, so you skip exercising just because you don’t wanna do it?

How often in a week, do you decide that this is enough, and I’m not testing right now?

I can honestly say, I probably overdo something — foodwise----at least once a day, whether it’s eating something I shouldn’t, not conforming to portion control (biggest thing) or just not eating because I think I am too busy. I’m human, I fail.

I am just beginning a new exercise routine, and it’s been a hard start, I basically never exercised before I was diagnosed, and people called me the “Queen on No Exercise”. I do like what I am doing, I look forward to it, I’ve made it a date in my calendar, yet there are times, that I just don’t want to go…get dressed to swim, swim, get undressed, get my street clothes on…even that should be considered
exercising sometimes. This one is better, I might skip once a week but usually that’s once every two weeks.

Testing — well, after reading comments here, I’ve decided I need to test more. So I am going for four times a day — it’s a slow start I know, but better than none or only once. If I do miss one, its the middle ones where everything in my day has to stop for three minutes to do it…so in a week, I might miss three times…better than before.

Thanks for being honest.

I found out that I was diabetic when applying for a disability policy. The blood test showed it. I was told that if I can keep my blood sugar under control for 180 days, I could get the policy with my doctor reporting it. I was diagnosed on May 9,2009. Once I knew what to do, I have stuck to it like glue. I have not cheated once…NO KIDDING. Once I qualify and do get the policy, that may change some but for now, I am a man on a mission. It also helps that I do the cooking and decide what we eat as a family. I can make any kind of cooking taste good. I don’t have any sugar or carb cravings, just peanuts and real butter. I don’t know if that may change. I could see myself craving a beer but I have to admit, I am hanging in there and being a good boy…LOL.

I stand in awe! You are doing a great job. My husband is a chef, and although I would love to turn him loose in MY kitchen, he thinks a busboy is going to come and clean up, plus to ask him to make things that I can eat without sauces ect, is impossible. Right now, he is baking at the bakery in their restaurant, and I can be assured that some muffins or a pie are going to walk in the door SCREAMING my name when he comes home. I applaude you, Steve. Good for you!

I test too much, my vice is beer, i tossed all candy and snacks! I find my self testing 6 or times a day to find the right way to handle this thing.

Cheating is not the way to go… Now PLANNING indulgence is… If I want a cookie, I get the carb count make some tea, juice up with insulin and then sit down and ENJOY… deprivation is no way to go through life (but either is compulsive overeating) Don’t cheat it’s dirty plan and enjoy…

As for exercise if you are hating it find another way… walk and talk on your cell, hit up jazzercise with a friend and pee your pants laughing at yourselves, play mini golf… just commit to move more in any sense…


I’m my own BG police and I’m always honest about my testing. If I don’t do that, I end up harming myself. Now, why would I want to do that? So, no. I don’t cheat on my testing at all.

Good for you John, you are to be commended for helping yourself get healthy. A 1 Star!

My CNP would say there is no such things as testing too much, yet I think some of the people I know are obsessed with it…having to know their BG’s every hour on the hour.

You’re right Gina, planning to have something that you know is going to raise your sugars is a great planning system. We shouldn’t be depriving ourselves, in our diet or in life, we should be doing planning and that’s the good part of being diabetic or working on losing weight, plan, plan,plan and then execute! Good for you.

I love swimming and am getting to really like biking on the NuStep…but hating something and then not doing it…isn’t healthy. It would be wonderful IF we could all walk enough to jazzercise, I love watching the class, but with two very bad knees, that’s not gonna work for me. You have to find something that you love enough to do it everyday…or change off and cross train…I’m learning to golf, and I frankly suck at it, yet, I love it, now…not so m uch when it’s very hot…or rainy…try all kinds of activities. Hey, did you know that people who have dogs and walk them daily loose more weight and their sugars are usually more under control.

I would agree w/ Gina…nothing is cheating but, everything needs to be covered…so, like others on here…I test a lot (12x/d…at least 8 on most days) and cover everything. Exercise…w e l l…another beast all together…I hate gettting ready to do it, often avoid it, but love it every time I do it:) I think Gina’s advice is great…do not consider exercise a thing…just do things you enjoy, preferably w/ people you love to be around:) Life is way too short. In the past I went through periods of not testing a lot…it was frustrating w/ limited insulins, only shots to deliver insulin and no one who really “got” it. It seems when you are in that place mentally, it is so hard to do everything to stay in great health. When I look back, I do not know how I got HbA1cs in the low 8.0’s?! Now w/ my pump and low carb eating…I feel so much better, test a lot (wish for CGMS)…not perfect, but better…and I hope to see A1’s in the low 6’s:) Having support of family and friends is also real important to keeping me on track…big hug to everyone on Tu…you guys help me remember to take care of myself:)

Way to go, Steve! You can cook at my house any time. Would you, please, please! Hope you stick with your mission. I’m addicted to peanuts & peanut butter.

I don’t cheat. I have enough problems controlling BG without cheating & that keeps me on the straight & narrow. I’ve found a lot of great, low carb yummies that don’t make me feel deprived. I think of things I formerly ate as foods I’m allergic to now. Mind game, but in a way it’s true.

I try to eat pretty low carb ( 50-75). I try to find substitutes for the things I used to cheat with. I try low carb ice cream or WASA crackers with artichoke dip. I do exercise every other day. I keep my weight within a 1-2 pound range and have 5 pounds to go to my goal weight. If you cheat too often you will gain weight. Try to stick to a low carb diet to control bg’a. If your bg’s are good then cheat.

Jeannie, do you have a good artichoke dip recipe. I love it, and would be great addition to a lunch menu. If you wouldn’t mind sending it to me.

i have been in the restaurant business for longer than i have been a type 1. it is my job to make sure that things are “up to snuff” presently, this includes a bakery and coffee shop. that is a rough one. often i feel like i am fudging my whole life…

It’s hard cause you’re around food all the time, and being in the business, if you are like my dh, you have to try things to make sure they are “up to snuff”… How do you do it? I asked my dh to please not bring things from the bakery home…but you can’t do that. Can someone else in the restaurant that you trust, be the taster? After all, you have to be around to run the show. My heart goes out to you!

if someone else can be the “standard” wouldn’t that make me a little superfluous? (what is a dh?)

DH= darling husband…
I admire anyone who can work around food, and not give in more often than they do. It was meant to be a compliment.

Cathy J

me too! routine is dinner, then a walk, then test. the closer to 100 my bg is the better the dessert.
if it’s under 100 i take a few oz of real sugar coke (from Mexico)

I don’t so much “cheat” as “scam”

I work at an FDA-governed flight kitchen, and may not bring food. they provide sugary cereals, which i love. so I will divide a bowl pack into 5 diabetic portions, basically i divide until the carbs are under 10 so i get a taste.

no no, i took as you meant it, i was just explaining my predicament.