How well do you take care of your diabetes?

I just talked to a girl who is a type 1 diabetic. She said she does not check her blood sugar levels and that she eats like a “normal person”. I was a bit shocked at the fact that she does not check her blood sugar. She said she has only tested her blood about two times in six months. Does she really know her body that well that she does not have to check her blood sugar?
How many times a day do you guys check your blood sugar? And do you eat like an average person does? She said she eats cake and sweets but just takes some extra insulin for it…

You can live like that, yes. But you are on a constant roller coaster of over and under correcting. And to what target? You may know your body and what a low or high feels like - most of us do - but you can’t have a constant understanding of your bg on an incremental level. And you might even enjoy an A1C that seems only slightly elevated because your 300s and your 40s balance each other out average-wise. But those swings are what cause a lot if stress on your body, and lead to complications down the road.

I’ll admit that I spent some of my college years operating under that mindset. It’s not good. I’m embarrassed that I did it. And now I test 10+ times a day. When I met my husband a few years ago, I realized I did not have great self-care habits. He helped get me started testing more often by being supportive and stopping me from blind bolusing.

Considering all the complications that come with diabetes it is totally irresponsible not to check your BG. I personally want to live a long and healthy life, the person you are speaking about may not have this same goal. Unfortunately if she keeps up these types of habits it will catch up to her and by the time she has an epiphany about better self care it may be to late to reverse the damage.

I would like to say I know my body well enough to ignore finger sticks but there have been many times when I thought my BG should be in range and it was totally out to lunch. If you can do anything try to get your friend to start taking better care of herself. Diabetes will depress the happiest individual at any given moment-it is a hard disease to accept, deal with and live with.

I check my bs 4 to 7 times a day depending on what I’m running at the time. As for eating what and when I want and taking extra insulin for it well no! Ended up in the hospital too many times DKA for that one. Maybe she’s new or even still in denial about being a diabetic?

Well yes! i take care of Me! I am a person first I just have DIABETIES.I check at breakfast,2hours after, lunch 2hours after, dinner two hours after. And snacks if i eat in between and then 2 hours after. So i say like 12 or more daily go thourgh test strips like nothing.Carbo counts are tricky sometimes but calorie king is my new found friend. My last a1c was5.5 so I say YES! i DO TAKE GOOD CARE OF ME!!!diabeticidol94

At the present time, i am testing about 8 time a day, but only because I am still adjusting insulin rates. Once everything is stable again; which feels like never, I will only test twice per day or less…maybe. EVERY Diabetic should check their BS at least every other day.

There are two kinds of people in this world, dolores. There are wise people and goat people. The wise learn from the mistakes of others. Goat people have trouble learning from their own mistakes. Apparently, she is a goat people, and goat people resent advice from wise people, so my advice to you is avoid comments about her choices. If it is really bothering you, limit your advise to no more than twice per ;month, because to much and she will ram you (just like a goat :>)

This is just one of those things you need to accept as unchangeable until her bad choices whack her between the ears a few times.


My CDE just told me yesterday that I have good control of my bg so I’m going to say I do a pretty good job of taking care of my diabetes :slight_smile: I test 8 - 12 times a day … the only time I lack getting readings is overnight. I correct for every number above target that I can and don’t usually spike after lows. But I wasn’t always like that … I spent many years testing 2 - 4 times a day and not really “correcting” high bg. I had a lot of ups & downs but that is why my a1c were always around 8 - 9 sometimes even higher! I’ve been blessed to not have any complications because of how I was and I realize that now. As for food … I would say I do eat like an average person. I love my carbs and as long as I know how it effects my bg, why stay away from it? I don’t necessarily overdue it on sweets but I do eat pizza, chips, even mickey d’s on occasion. The bad part of my management is not exercising. But I’m working on that! :slight_smile:

It’s not that she knows her body. She obviously has other issues in her life that are preventing her from being able to follow through with her prescribed regimen, and that’s a whole other can of worms.

I believe everyone takes care of their diabetes as best as they can, and for whatever reason, some people have a lot of barriers, be they emotional, environmental (like unsupportive people), knowledge-based, financial, etc., so their best just isn’t the same as someone else’s best.

I think it’s far too easy for others - medical professional, other diabetics, family and friends - to judge diabetics who seemingly ‘don’t care’ if they’ve never walked in their shoes, and don’t understand the barriers in their lives.

It really makes me angry that people are so judgmental of other diabetics like that. How does that help anyone?

This girl you speak of is so deep in denial that she actually takes pride in it.
I check at least five times a day, usually more. That’s now…I wasn’t all that great in the past but…

…come on…“two times in six months”…are you kidding me? I thought I was bad in high school, thats just ridiculous for a type one.

Did you ask her how many times she pees during the day? Probably every hour on the hour. I bet flies start swarming around the toilet when she goes with all the sugar she spills in her urine.

OK…enough bashing. Whatever you do Dolores, don’t follow her example :slight_smile: Have your cake and sweets, but check your blood sugar!

Of course I wont follow her example, I was just a bit shocked that she can do that to herself and her child. She said the only time she’s taken care of her diabetes was when she was pregnant.

I test anywhere from 6 to 10 times a day. When things happen like yesterday where I got shots in my feet for plantar fasciitis (sp) and my bs spiked to over 300 I tested and corrected alot! until I finally got it down. I was just really mad cus I told him I couldn’t take them without that happening. All I got was. “this is all I can do since you cant take anti-inflammatories” They never listen, after all this time I finally got them to admit I have some neuropathy in my big toes. Well!, Duh, I have only been complaining about numb big toes for months. years actually but because I didn’'t have the D before they didn’t take me seriously. Of course. Oh sorry I forgot I am just a dumb blond and a woman at that!..ok got that off my chest! oh that is another problem they think my IQ rests in my boobs! NOT!

I do watch my carbs per meal but for the most part I don’t limit what I can and can’t eat unless I know for a fact it will sky rocket my sugar, like pizza. No matter what I do I can’t eat pizza. I check my sugar anywhere from 10-12 times a day. I basically make my decisions on what I am going to eat by what my pre meal sugar is. If it is running lower than normal then I might throw some extra carbs I wouldn’t normally eat in, if it is running higher than normal then I will restrict the carbs I eat. And as far as control my latest A1C was 6.0 and that was without numerous lows. Since I started on the pump I have much better control. Recently started on CGMS as well so now I can see what my sugar is doing and get tighter control

I probably lived 30 of my 42 years of diabetes like that, just because I did not know about carb counting and there were no bgs meters to test with and who knew about MDI ?

But now that I am pumping, carb counting, correcting and understand how certain foods effect me then yes I feel that is very irresponsible.

I am relatively complication free, but my endo believes that is more genetic and wow how many times do I think, what if, about being diagnosed when there were all these options.

Where is your friend, and let me give her a good talking to. :wink:

WOW, talk about denial. That’s leading a great example. Geez. I test 4-5 times a day (more because I’m dieting) and have always adjusted and taken my shots… it’s what I have to do to live a wonderful life for my kids and family… and for me :slight_smile: I wouldn’t say I eat like a normal person either- but that’s because I’m dieting and I’ve always eaten pretty well. So, I do watch what I eat. If I have a moment of weakness, I compensate and test. And I’m not too keen on sweets- they make me feel pretty gross. So, good luck to her but she is definitely not setting a good example and it will catch up with her some time…

I check 8-10 times a day. I want to know what’s going on & how different foods effect me. Tonight I went to a friend’s birthday party at a great restaurant. My dinner was trout & grilled squash & a small glass of red wine. Low carb, not too much protein. I added an extra unit of insulin so I could indulge in a small piece of bread (restaurant has incredible bread). One hour after dinner my BG was 121. Great, I thought. Insulin hasn’t even peaked yet. Birthday cake arrived. I had two bites, really small bites thinking I was covered–ha!. First thing I’ve had like this since I was diagnosed. BG shot up to 213 in one hour! I felt fine. So of course, I corrected for this. Rest of the night I’ve been high & then too low. I can’t imagine how anyone can not test & just guess. Even with testing, it often feels we don’t always have control.

I definitely don’t eat like an average non-diabetic person.

Yes, I eat sugary foods. I also check after eatting them to make sure the dose is right. The only part of my diabetic routine that sucks is exercise. I haven’t been. I test at least 6 times a day, often 10-12. When I do exercise I always test more frequently because my sugar tends to drop a lot faster than I think it will.

Yikes, twice in 6 months?! It would scare me to be that laid back. I’ll admit that when I was younger I checked about once or twice a day and since I was only on two fixed injections a day, I never did much to try and fix high sugar levels. But now I check anything between 8 and 15 times a day…at times I almost feel like I get obsessive! As for eating like a non-diabetic…I have to say, over here there is never a mention of carb counting for people with diabetes, and if I wasn’t the serial diabetic Googler that I am, I’m pretty sure I’d never have heard of it. I don’t do that, but I definitely don’t eat like someone who doesn’t have diabetes. In saying that, I find that a lot of people really don’t get it when I don’t have dessert when we’re out…I get accused of being a bore. Can’t win, lol.

Eating like a “normal” person is fine as long as you’re also doing a good job of keeping your blood sugars in line with a “normal” person. This can definitely be accomplished with a good treatment plan which will vary from person to person. That said, you can also eat like a normal person, test your BS twice in six months, but your A1C’s and other important indicators are very likely NOT good and you’re not doing a solid job of taking control of the T1. But, that is ultimately her business and her treatment.

I test 8-10x a day. Overall I’d say I definitely eat like a non-diabetic person and I have very few diet restrictions. By testing frequently, carb counting, appropriate insuling dosing and exercise at least 3x a week this has allowed me the freedom to have a less restricted diet and the ability to be able to control my diabetes without letting it control me.

15 or 20 years ago this was standard way of living with the disease. I know I ate sugary foods (and still do) after diagnosis but I still tried to limit the amount. Without meters, testing was done at the lab or dr’s office. My A1C when I joined DCCT in '87 was over 11%. Now with testing, I’m constantly at about 6%. I test betweeen 6-10x a day. It is recommended for pump users to test that often. I have been using the carb approach since '78 but it was not very controlled.
You didn’t share what treatment this individual uses. I’m surprised her dr hasn’t held her accountable.

What exactly is the doctor supposed to do to hold her accountable?