Our Good Habits

We’ve discussed and hopefully have enlightened ourselves with our bad behavior…

How about we discuss our good behavior?

  1. I’m really good at making sure I have ordered enough supplies.

  2. Before I leave the house, I always make sure I have my meter and strips with me.

  3. I’m crazy insane when it comes to testing. I test about 12-15 times a day.

  4. I’m great at keeping my doctor’s appointments and letting him know when I need refills sent in before I’m out of insulin.

  5. I’m good at correcting my highs and trying to not let them get out of hand.

I like this idea :slight_smile:

  1. I test frequently and adjust my insulin as needed. I very rarely have a high over 160.
  2. I exercise every day, and wear a pedometer to make sure I get to 10,000 steps each day - though recently my 5 year old’s been using it because he wants to make sure he’s healthy too :slight_smile:
  3. I’ve dramatically reduced my carb intake and I think I can do even better on my diet this coming year to get my cholesterol in check.
  4. I always have an extra vial of both types of insulin I take in the fridge in case something happens.
  5. I make sure to order my test strips at the first date my insurance will allow so there’s no risk of running out.

I like this too =)

I. I try hard to exercise 45 minutes cardio at least 5 times a week.
2. I make sure I have my meds stocked up for 3 months.
3. As a type 2… I test at least twice (to 3X) daily
4. I ensure I have all my meters strategically placed: pouch (I take everywhere), home, and car
5. I keep myself updated on new informations, tests, researches, etc. on diabetes.

For me:

  1. Brush my teeth twice a day and floss three times a day.
  2. Daily Blood pressure check
  3. Exercise 3-5 times a week.
  4. Re Read Chapters of Bernsteins book on general care weekly.
  5. Admit to myself I am a TuDiabetes junkie…

I have at least one difficult question for my doctor at regular diabetes checkups.

I bring in graphs of my different basal rates (used for different exercise regimes), my BG charts from CGM and the carb plans that correspond. We’re learning the endurance exercise - diabetes trick together.

  1. I have made diabetes management the Number 1 priority in my Life
  2. Have stopped procrastinating about my diabetes
  3. I am testing at least 3 times a day
  4. I volunteer my time for diabetic causes
  5. I have the poor diabetic blog to help raise diabetes awareness
  1. I am also very good at making sure I have enough supplies and insulin. I am sure to have glucose tabs or juice at all times with me or in my car.
  2. I am vey good wehn it comes to testing (8-10 X daily). I always have a meter with me and I am good about testing before driving.
  3. Although I guess carb estimates often, they are good estimates, and I tend to bolus adequately and not too much.
  4. I have lost 30 pounds in the past 6 months.
  5. My last A1C was 5.8%.
  1. I always have glucose with me no matter where I am.
  2. I will stop teaching my 2nd graders to check my blood when I feel low.
  3. I always measure out 2 oz. of pasta before I eat it and bolus accordingly.
  4. I have been writing down all my numbers for the past month and a half-this is hopefully a new positive habit I have started!
  5. I have had T1 for 24 years and have had no serious complications.

!. I stay motivated.
2. I try to stay current on new diabetes research and treatments.
3. I feel I have all the major self care skills incorporated into my life.
4. I surround myself w/friends and family who support my diabetes goals.
5. I realize that diabetes is a game of averages not perfection (I read this somewhere and liked it.)
6. I facilitate a diabetes support group and reach out to others when they ask for help.

(P.S. I REALLY stink at logging!! Sorry…couldn’t help myself.)

  1. I’m a really good tester. 10 or more times per day in addition to the Dex
  2. I’m really good at researching solutions and new prescriptions
  3. I’m really vocal to my Endo- letting him know my side effects and issues every month thru a letter
  4. I’m really good at trying new things
  5. I’m really good with my diet- I rarely over eat and I’m very selective of what I eat
  6. I’m good at training people on new diabetes endeavors
  7. I’m learning to be vocal about my disease to my family and friends (tired of hiding it- I deserve some credit for all that I do!)
  8. I’m a fighter- even after all that I’m been through, I’m still here with a smile plastered on my face. Give me your hand, I’ll help you up.
  9. I’m really strong
  10. I walk everywhere and love it

Marps - After the disaster with your boss and overly friendly co-worker, I’m glad you’re trying to let more people know. All change is hard, but I truly believe that we harm ourselves when we keep vital information as a secret. A la six degrees of separation, we are surrounded by people who can help us if we only know to make the connection.

Hi Carb- Thanks. Trying. Still don’t want people to look at me like I have a “problem” but I’m trying to be open about it to people who care. It’s hard to separate those who care and those who just want something to talk about. There are few who actually give a damn.

It is my 10 year old who is T1.

  1. She carries her supplies everywhere in a super cute bag from Skiddadle Bags.
  2. She feels comfortable testing anywhere and in front of others.
  3. She speaks up when she feels low.
  4. She knows how to use her pump.
  5. She wears her medical ID bracelet at all times.
  6. I stock both of our cars with extra supplies - batteries, lancets, alcohol wipes, test strips, glucose tabs, etc.
  7. Her classroom teacher also has a box of extra supplies, including juice and free snacks.
  8. She participated with me in an education session for her teacher and classmates after her diagnosis.
  9. We gave a Calorie King and a basic informational sheet to my mother and the parents of the three friends where she spends the most time.
  10. I purged all my cookbooks and my recipes files of everything without nutritional info, except the foods we really love. Those, I calculated.
  11. I read about diabetes almost daily.
  12. I let her do all the things she did before, including spending the night with friends.
    A dirty dozen … that seems like enough. Good thread.

She sounds like an outstanding girl. And you sound like an informed mom. That is a great combination.

  1. I always test in the mornings, to keep up on my body’s trends.
  2. I always test when I am having a new meal, so I can learn what my body is doing from that combination of foods.
  3. I always take my glucose meter and snacks whenever I’m going to be away for a while, and might miss a meal.
  4. I test my ketones when I’m sick.
  5. I always replenish my electrolytes during the day, and before going to sleep, with some Powerade Zero… so I can prevent high BG in the morning, due to dehydration.

1.determanation, i just lack motivation
2.keep my suplies up to date
3. take my regular pills
4. take lantus usually
5.keep my stuff in a safe place and easy to reach
6. will cure a low with any food insight
7. I’m like a sponge i absorb all knowledge

What a great idea, focusing on the positives is a great idea!

  1. I am great at meal planning and following the plan.

  2. I have learned to read and pick items that are lo carb

  3. I have a plan for exercise everyday except the weekends.

  4. I am a good support for my diabetic friends

  5. I am getting better at taking readings three times a day

  6. I keep my appointments with the docs, even when I don’t want to

  7. I have complied a cookbook of good recipes for me to eat, even having sweets in them that are okay

  8. I am getting better at ordering when we eat out

  9. I have given up french fries (well all fried foods)

  10. I am thankful that if this disease had to hit someone in our family it was me, because I know my brother, nor my husband or the kids could deal with it as well as I have.

  1. I test when ever I get scared.
  2. I read tudiabetes when I get frustrated.
  3. I have started medical drawer in my dresser. (I saw it here first.) I tossed out a lot of old T shirts I nolonger wear to empty the drawer, and there I keep all the stuff I have bought in the last couple of weeks, and also keep all the instruction leaflets and drug information.
  4. I pray.
  1. I check my BG 10 times a day. More if i’m sick.
  2. I make sure to ALWAYS bolus if i eat.
  3. I let Insulet know at least a week before i run out of pods to make sure i’ll have some.
  4. I upload all my info to my computer every week
  5. I make sure i always have strips
  1. I’m good at testing AND logging my results.
  2. I’m good about being compliant with all of my meds and dosages.
  3. I’m good at keeping track of my equipment and supplies.
  4. I’m good about keeping appointments and tracking my lab results.
  5. I’m crazy insane about my exercise program.