Beating The Odds: 64 Years Of Diabetes Health

This is the story of my first 64 years with diabetes. Online friends wanted to know what it was like to be a diabetic in the 1940’s and beyond. This is explored here and carried to the present day. Many topics are discussed, including causes of Type 1 diabetes, how some Type 1 diabetics have lived so long without complications, the Joslin Medalist Program and my participation in the Joslin Medalist Study. There are many pictures dating as far back as the 1930’s. My online blogs of my past have been very popular. Hundreds of replies say I have given inspiration and hope for the future for many of my diabetic readers and their families. My hope is that I can do the same for everyone who reads this book.

Here is the link for my page:

My ISBN number for placing orders at bookstores is: 1450515967

Wow! You are amazing! I think I ran into you on the ADA forum before they ruined their format and am very glad to see your story in print!! Congratulations on all of your achievements!

I honer you so much! Your a great insperation! Thanks for letting me see that I too can do this!

Thank you for writing your Important Life story Richard. I Love it! As you know, I bought 3 of your Wonderful and educational books. Two which I gave as gifts to others. You are still an Intelligent and Compassionate Teacher first, for sure. :slight_smile:

Another one of your book " owners " … a great Christmas gift for all …keep beating “IT” Richard :slight_smile:

Thank you friends!!!

Excellent! Thank you for sharing.

I just read a book called “Breakthrough” that explained the advent of insulin in the 1920’s and a little girl’s journey as being one if the first to receive this drug that saved her life where she went on to live into her 70’s. It gave me a really appreciation for the drug I now take that allows me to live an active, normal life.

Hey Richard, Keeping warm? I just thought to bug in here to see what’s happening

Hey, How is Terrie? I see that Richard’s doing well and a good role model to this disease.

Hi Peter: :slight_smile:

Great to see Ya. You’re always Welcome here. I’m Glad to hear that your area didn’t get flooded. I hope that you are doing Good. You know me…I try to stay IN trouble and Richard prays for me. :smiley:

For sure. Richard is our American Idol. :slight_smile:

Hi Peter, thanks for joining us here.

Terrie, are you in trouble AGAIN??? I will start my prayers immediately! :smiley:

I’m no idol, I am just lucky to have been around so long with my D. Luck does not make an idol.

Yes…I am. I’ve had lots of phone calls today because of it. Everyone but me seems to be confused. :smiley: I appreciate your prayers Richard. :slight_smile:

Oh and by the way…no one is That Lucky for That long. You may have a Guardian Angel guiding you to make the right choices however which is Fair and even Better. :wink: Stay Well Richard!!

It’s been a good long while to reply on this thread, I am now going into my 46Th year of T1 as I keep reading round about developing discoveries, we are knocking on the door to a cure this year. One would Hope.

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Hello anthill, it is good to see you here. It has been a long time! I
hope you are well. I have been hearing about cures for many many years. they never happened. I am discouraged, and doubt it will happen in my lifetime. I am 77 now.

Happy New Year!!