"bedside friendly snacks"

What do you use for lows overnight?

I’ve been struggling with the best snack for lows during the night. I usually go to the kitchen to have a juice but am trying to figure out a “bedside friendly snack” to have after the low… something with a solid protein that doesn’t require much chewing or crumbs…

Spoonful of peanut butter!

or pre-fabricated meat shakes?
seriously, i think this is a difficult one…b/c you probably don’t want to “wake-up” too much chewing on and preparing snacks. cheese, peanut butter or nuts are my typical protein snacks.

LOL, meat shakes!

i’m thinking gourmet (of course)…pesto chicken or lemon pepper talapia.

oh jeffri. lol, meat shakes? eew


i have always just used a juice box…

it takes about 9 gulps and i am done and back to bed :o)

I keep Jelly Bellys and Skittles by my bed, along with a meter and can of regular Pepsi. I dont have a snack after I treat a low.

I recently discovered something at WalMart that I really like as a bedtime snack and could also be used after a low. Not as easy as a juice box or spoon of peanut butter (both of which I have used often) but…FWIW…it is Ann’s House ‘Cranberry Nut Antioxidant.’ It is in a bag of course and 1/4 cup (I don’t eat that much usually) of the cranberry/almond/sunflower kernals is 13 gm carb and 4 gm protein. It is really tasty, at least to me! Anyway, I am going back to clean the shelf off if I am lucky and they still have it.

if you’d like to go by ‘the books’ (which i find works the best!) i would drink 8oz juice or have glu-tabs with some water. test 15 mins later then eat protein plus (fat maybe) and carbohydrates plus bolus. my dr. yells at me (not literally) when i do not retest/eat protein separately and afterward. i eat ritz crackers and pb as that post-mini snack. like 5 crackers (10g) and bolus a bit less than my oPod tells me to.

Snickers Minis

I like to have a yougart easy to deal with when I am half asleep.

I use juice boxes as well, but I have ice tea. It has 17g of carbs per box, and for me, the juice was always much higher carb than I needed. I keep the boxes in my bedside table so I can go right back to sleep. This also stops me from eating a snack as well. If I get up for juice in the kitchen, it’s way too hard to stop the snack craving and I end up over correcting!

don’t do what i did, i left a box of somoas in plain sight and ate so many i don’t even remember… Anything gummie works for me, but for the protein i think it would be a good idea to have a little slim jims around or some cheese.Choco covered almonds might work, maybe some milk with some crunched up choco almonds…

Ohhhh Snickers! :slight_smile:

beef jerky

I use goldfish I put in a baggy counted out to equal 15 grams plus if I need something else to help I have a 8 oz sippy cup ( so I don’t spill it when I am low lol so no picking on me ) of apple juice it does not spike me too bad unlike oj which sky rockets me

I don’t use food for lows, just glucose tabs, to me I consider it medicine. I find that two is usually enough to raise my blood sugar and I don’t need any protein or anything after that, once it’s up it’s up.

If I have trouble with night lows, I eat cheese & crackers b4 bed. body takes 6 hours to break down cheese, timing is nearly perfect. If I eat glucose tabs for a low I have to have a bag of corn chips with it or I will start heading south again.