Favorite Bedtime Snack?

What’s your favorite food to use to keep your BG stable overnight? I’ve come to really enjoy the one or two tablespoons of peanut butter myself.

I’m addicted to peanut butter. Works for me, if I can hold back from eating too much! If out of peanut butter, I eat nuts or some cheese.

I’m not a snacker and my blood sugar seems to stay stable overnight with my basal insulin from dinner (around 7PM) to fasting and to breakfast.

Beer. Light beer to be exact.

Dunno if it helps the BS, but it DOES taste good!!


Lucky you Mike…I had to switch to ultra, because bud lite…did a number on my BS. I’ll still stick in a bud lite every once in awhile.

A few cashew nuts or almonds…sometimes sunflower seeds. I also love peanut butter.

I go for the Miller High Life Light…it’s the champagne of beers.

(Note: sounds best if you pronounce it sham PAHN ya)


True about the taste factor. Still if you pronounce it sham-PAHN-ya (see my post above), it at least SOUNDS BETTER… :slight_smile: If I’m will to spend my carbs on real beer, I like to go for Fat Tire, Sam Adams, Heineken Dark, anything by Summit, etc.

Cheers, Mike

Just want to chime in on the peanut butter and beer thing (separate, not together). I deeply love all nut butters, almond, hazelnut-almond, cashew. In Guatemala we had fair trade macadamnia farms and I loved macadamia butter. Once you try the other nut butters, peanut butter tastes kind of bland! As for beer, I’m with Dave. Light beer does nothing for me, since I drink beer for taste. I love all the local microbreweries here on the west coast and also prefer darker ales, porters and stouts. One bottle has about 14 carbs so as long as I don’t pair it with something hopelessly carb-laden like a burrito, I can do one without spiking. One of lifé’s pleasures I can still enjoy.

Jones, I useally go to bed with a small little plate thing with celery, carrot sticks and a blob of peanut butter and some cheese. Sorry no crackers in bed ! Gotta have the peanut butter… Oh my partner joins in on the peanut butter etc… she actually likes to … Now that is another topic for another discussion…


I like peanut butter and a tiny bit of spreadable fruit on an eggo. (unless I’m running high, then nothing for my snack).

I would have to say...cheese!!!

I'm another non-snacker. And especially since the gastroparesis, I can't really eat after 6 or 7 pm without it sticking in my stomach and then being sick in the morning. Enjoy your bedtime ritual! Yummy!

Am a type 2 and have hot chocolate. Nancy

I get my basal set so it's flat or as close to it as I can figure and bolus for snacks I merrily eat and drink.

I usually have some cheese and nuts and chamomile tea, but sometimes I'll have some chicken and veggies too. If I'm going low before I sleep like last night I eat one candy about 5-6gm. Did that twice last night, early am really before sleep and when I woke up in the 60's. Beer sounds ok,lol, but that would probably drop me down too inspire of the carbs..

good choice. Peanuts have protein which helps keep your BG stable

I don't need to eat to keep my BGs stable overnight, because that's what my basal rate is for. But if I did need to eat something and didn't want to spike, then something low-carb usually works. Although I have really good luck with popcorn too! I think it might be the fiber...

Glass of wine, helps me sleep too.

I use any one of the following with or without a fruit.
ALMONDS (20ct),
1 EGG,
cheese stick (1ct)

(I am a newbie in this area, so trying to collect as much as info for my daughter)