Been while

I know it been awhile since i was last on. Like the summer. The diabetes has been doing good to me. I’ve been taking good care of it, eating right, taking my insulin. The whole deal. Got my A1C score down to 6.1 when it was last 14. Quite proud of my self for that. Life has had me busy. But some how still have time for facebook farmville. :\ Ive been seeing someone now for the past 8 months now. But the last 3, we’ve made it official. Shall we just say his a little older then me. :wink: Stilling looking for a job. So I’ve been helping out my neighbor. Cleaning out her house, stuff like that. She pays me. Money is so nice i almost for got what it was like to have any. I also been helping my aunt with babysitting the kids she watches. That’s nice too.

Way to go on your A1c Lizzie! That’s great!!!

Glad to hear that you are doing well and I hope that the job search ends well!

Wow Lizzie! Your A1C is pretty good. Very well done =) Facebook farmville can be so addicting, LOL! Im glad for you and your “someone special”. I wish you both will be happy.

Oh thank you both!!

Congratulations on the A1c…wow great job! Great you have somebody special in your life too, makes life a whole lot sweeter!