It’s been a while since I posted anything, been swamped and really just haven’t felt like it.

On the D front, good news. My ophthalmologist (lord I have trouble spelling that) saw no signs of retinopathy this time around, I had had some changes in my eyes previously.

My latest A1c was a 6.0, I actually feel like I earned this score. I’ve been able to get the swings leveled out, tho I still have too many lows, but working on that one too. The Symlin has helped alot on this front as well as the CGMS helping me see the trends that I was experiencing. I’ve settled in at a 60mcg dose of Symlin with larger meals and still trying to stay under 120 carbs a day. I’ve also dropped nearly 20lbs in the past 4 months or so.

The CGMS tends to run lower than what my meter tells me. It will often go off in the middle of the night showing 50, when testing shows I’m in the 80’s. I finally just turned the Low Sugar Alarm off.

Now that I feel that my pumping is finally dialed in, it is time to start something that I have been putting off. Exercise. Yep, let’s mess those pump settings all the heck up! I swear, the more you do, the more you have to do… lol, like everyone else, feeling a little frustrated lately. You fight this battle all day, every day, and sadly, it’s a battle you know that you will, more than likely, eventually lose. I know I’ve been blessed with the genetic predisposition to avoid complications, it is still just tiring at times.

I managed to sunburn the beejeebus out of my legs last week at my son’s football camp, I can’t believe that I was so stupid to forget the sunblock. And when I say beejeebus, I mean 3rd degree burns and could barely walk, walking was actually better than simply standing. That was almost unbearable. My PCP (who I had an appt with anyway), just shook her head at me and gave me some vicodin. I can see how peeps could get addicted to that stuff, kills the pain while not making you totally muddled in the brain. Still stings a little today, but so much better now.

I had a few days vacation over the holiday, but didn’t even leave the house to do anything fun because of the burns. Watched a lot of TV (saw a lot of Twilight Zone episodes on Scifi), played WoW (my undead warlock is now level 70)… big excitement! Kids came over on the 4th and we had burgers and watched fireworks on TV… on tv, lol, how sad is that? That’s ok tho, we had fun and I really just hate crowds… There was a big fireworks show at the Riverfront Park in Kansas City, had 50,000 people there, but they televised it after the Boston Pops show was on. A lot of the local communities canceled their shows this year due to the economy.

Well that enough rambling, thanks for stopping by…

Today’s snarky comment: nothing snarky comes to mind, so quit reading now… come on, go read something else, we’re all done here…

AWESOME A1c Scott! And good news all around, except for those legs! Take care of those!!!

Congratulations on the A1c and the weight loss. Sorry about those sunburn legs…that is what ya get for showing those gems off in the first place! lol

Well, ladies… they are my best feature… lol

Congrats on A1C!!! yeeeh

I am so glad you are resting amd taking good care of your burns… I got my legs and arms burned once with hot water and oil… It was horrible, 2nd and 3rd degree burns (wide area)… the pain was unbearable… and at least for me the most difficult thing was mobility… I was stubborn enough to not rest, and went to work like that, I was pale for the pain… I remember my son was a baby, he cried for me to hold him… he didn’t understand… alt least twice I tried holding him, and he will kick me right there we the skin was healing and rip it apart. uggg… just a horrible experience. I really hope you are felling better.

Thanks Andre, I’m feeling so much better. I couldn’t stand still for 5 seconds without the pain hitting a 10. I welcomed the pain meds even tho I usually don’t take them unless I really have to

Scott congrats on everything but the burn. I burned really bad a couple years back in a tanning bed and my Doc. said a real good home remedy to take the burn and pain out was to soaked some brown paper bags in white vinegar and place them on your burns sounds like an old wives tell but trust me it is not. I actually poured the vinegar in some cool water and soaked in the tub for a while and it took out the pain from the burn. I was blistered all over. Try it you’ll see.

Thanks Cathy, I had never heard that one before. I’m pretty much past the pain part now I think, but I will keep that in mind for future reference!

My dad swears that if you take aspirin after exposure to sun but before the sunburn kicks in, it’ll knock it back. Personally, I think it’s a crock, but for the next time you feel like making a Scott flambe, give it a try . . .

Good news all around, though. Congrats! (Oh, and avoid the exercise - you might hurt yourself :slight_smile: )

thanks Dov… hmmm are 12oz curls considered exercise? I mean I do have to walk to the fridge on all that…