Beet juice

My dad told me he was going to start juicing Beet Juice. I did some research and found out it is actually super healthy and can help control high blood pressure.

How would beet juice work in diabetics? I always thought it had a high glycemic load.

Not a clue! The only thing I can think of is that beets, being vegetables, would have good phytonutrients in them, but it seems to me that it’s always better to eat the whole vegetable rather than the juice, because juice leaves out the fiber and possibly other nutrients, and you don’t get full on juice for very long, whereas you stay fuller for longer on whole foods. It’s like it takes 6 or 8 oranges to make a glass of orange juice, and you could never eat that many oranges, but you can gulp that much orange juice right down, even if it has pulp in it. Well, the sugar in that many oranges is really too much.

You mentioned in another post that you were trying a vegetarian eating plan. That can be very healthy, as long as you include eggs and dairy, but if you go vegan, you will lack things like vitamin B12 and heme iron, and need to take supplements. Also, on a vegetarian diet, you really need to watch the carbs – eat a lot more vegetables than fruit or grains.

I really hope this works for you; if not, there are other things to try – I’m just glad you’re trying to take good care of yourself! :slight_smile:

I am trying vegetarian for health reasons only. I still consider myself a carnivore. My trainer still wants me to eat meat especially since he likes to train me really hard. I have been using beans and egg whites as my sources of proteins. It has also been a practice in self discipline and control too. One thing about vegetarianism is to find recipes that are interesting and fun. I think that is why I am still doing it. So I am not eating salad everyday.

I bought the Health master blender that Montell Williams is the spoke person for. It super chops up and blends the foods with the fiber. It has been interesting find the right mix of fruits and veggies to get a nice tasting drink. I have actually lost about 3-4 lbs since starting this last week. People are telling me that I am slimming down. I never notice anything in the beginning.

My dad is a very active man but has high blood pressure. This is why I am inquiring about the Beet Juice. He wants to do the same thing but with Beet Juice. Beets, Carrots I always thought were veggies with high glycemic loads. I am not sure. I read up on Beet Juice and it is suppose to be just wonderful for the body including the leaves.

Christalyn, baby beetroot leaves are lovely in salads, and the red stalks and veins add an interesting touch of colour. Beetroot is, of course, one of the ‘traffic light’ vegetables that you should eat for good health, I tend to think glycemic load relating to vegetables is not really relevant since I believe you need a good mix of vegetables for the nutrients you get. Salt is a problem for people with high blood pressure.