Before dinner snack?

What do you eat when dinner is still 90 minutes away and your blood sugar is already in the low to mid-80s (assuming activity level is lowish, e.g., just puttering about)? I ate most of a low GI snack bar (about 12 grams of CHO) an hour ago and some strawberries just now 'cos my BG was dropping again. Thanks!

Homemade trail mix. I roast almonds and pecans tossed in Starbucks sugar free syrup and add a few dried goji berries and a few white chocolate chips. I save them in baggies to grab whenever I’m out and about.

If I don’t want to eat, I’ll just turn my basal down till I eat.

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A 1-2 oz glass of apple juice


I’m very carb sensitive. I treat lows with 10g of fast acting carbs, but I won’t eat until I’ve gotten down to 65 unless I have a straight arrow down on Tyrannosaurus Dex (had to come up with a nickname). The only exception to that rule is if I’m about to drive or shower. In that case I’ll have 7g worth of peanuts to keep me up if I’m between 70 and 80.

Wine and beer while I’m making dinner!


A couple ounces of apple juice or a butterscotch hard candy.

Alcohol doesn’t work for me when I’m low unless I add a low salt potato chip (or two) or a blue corn tortilla chip (or two).

Maybe beer would work, since it has some carbs, but wine makes me go low, too, unless I eat a couple of chips or crackers. I also take metformin so I have to watch my alcohol intake.

We went to an old-fashioned apple sqeeze yesterday and I really enjoyed that small serving of fresh-pressed cider! Plus the cider kept my BG up during the event. :grinning:

I’m not using a “T. Dex” yet but I think it’s in my future–big help in situations like this.