If you were hungry

If you were hungry at 10 pm, what would you eat (or drink) that would be the least destructive to & most nourishing for the pancreas?

Besides water, a diabetes instructor suggested non-starchy veggies.

BTW, I'm not on meds.

Any suggestions?

What are your favorites that help you make it thru the night?


I drink an iced tea from crystal light as it keeps me hydrated and wont make my sugar level go high but if I dont want that, I stick with 15 grams of carbs so I dont go high in the morning

I do not know if I am LADA yet but what I find useful at 10pm is a something warm like decaffeinate coffee or Roiboos Tea with some nuts or yogurt.

Yogurt I’ve stayed away from at night. It sends my sugar levels high for some reason. Tea I drink when the weather is colder. But I pretty much stick with my 15 or less carb rules :slight_smile:

I drink green tea without any sweeteners and try raw veggies to snack on celery,red peppers cucumbers . If you need something more substaincal try a grilled chicken strip.

I eat plain FAGE Total yogurt with full fat, some Truvia to sweeten, a tbsp of Chia seeds, and some sunflower seeds. It is like my ice cream. This kind of yogurt only has 6 carbs. Cultural Revolution is another brand that is low carb. You can get it at Whole Foods and other places.

Cabbage, broccoli, lettuce, asparagus, brussels sprouts.

When it is when Americans think of snacking they immediately think of something sweet and starchy or salt and full of fat?

Most yogurts have added sugars. That would explain the high BG.

Plain yogurt has no sugars so this is a good snack. My "ice cream" is Cool Whip from the freezer.

I take a small amount of heavy whipping cream, add some cocoa and truvia, and whip. Then, I might add some walnuts or sunflower seeds. This is when I am really hungry at night. My problem is that I’m always running around shuttling kids to dance class, shopping, or doing laundry/dishes until shortly before I go to bed. Of course, I’m keeping my cortisol from dropping…When, I get readings like 97, when I know that I’ve only eaten a few green beans as my carb 90 minutes earlier, I have a small glass of wine and SIT DOWN. Really, I’ve tested my guts out, and regardless of the wine or not eating…my bg will not go down below 100 if I’m running around at night.

Not sure if you guys have a Kroger or not but CARBMASTER yogurt is the best!! It only has 4 carbs! My fav is the vanilla

Which cool whip? Does it spike your bg??

Yogurt (1/2 cup of Dannon Light & Fit or Blue Bunny Light), small glass of milk, or a handful of walnuts.