Beginning again with baby steps

Hi everyone, I’m Daena. used to come on this site very often when I was first diagnosed with diabetes and was very enthusiastic about taking care of myself. I was diagnosed with diabetes in 2007 and I’ve had it for nearly three years now. You can read about my story at

Just writing this to say hi and introduce myself and where I am with diabetes right now. :)

I fell off the diabetes control bandwagon sometime last year despite having had great control in the past. It's difficult to pinpoint when exactly. It was one of the darkest, most painful periods of my life. Not only did I refuse to test my meter, I refused to visit the endo and take my medication. I ate and drank as I pleased and decided to forget all about my diabetes. I know now that I've been abusive to myself and have damaged myself. My latest A1c (as of 7 April) is 7.5% and my endo and I are working to get the number below 6.5% at my next visit in June, before getting it below 6 again.

I started blogging this year at Sugar Free Musings and I've joined the Diabetes 365 Flickr project. Both are good outlets for me to deal with diabetes' emotional aspects. :)

I'm not looking for anything much other than support and friendship from other people with diabetes.

Don’t for a minute think you are alone. You may think you have fallen off then end of the earth and destroyed your life, but that is just wrong. Your feelings are common. Many people have felt the same way and acted in the same way. You may think you have drifted and hurt yourself, but you have not.

You know you can’t you just drop out and just be a “normal” person, ignore the tests, not visit the doctor. You can’t you just be “normal,” but you will be “ok.” You can find your place in this world, and it will be defined by you as a person, not by your diabetes.

That being said, you know why you will never be like those non-diabetics. You are special. You “must” take care of yourself. What you have to realize is that you can do anything in this world, you can be as happy and fulfilled in your life as anyone else. But in order to do so, you just need to “take care of some things.”

Welcome back!

Welcome back Daena!
We have ample supply of friendship and support =)

Welcome Back and I am glad you are here!

thank you all for your warmth & encouragement :slight_smile: i saw my endo 2 weeks ago after refusing to step into the hospital for close a year and had a big, teary meltdown. she and the diabetes nurse have been very encouraging and she assured me i am going to be okay. i’ve slipped up several times since that appointment but i am learning to pick myself up and carry on. :slight_smile:


I was wondering what had happened to you! Omg Im so happy to see you back here!

Welcome!!! Done the same thing for quite awhile! Here’s to you! YOU CAN DO THIS!!!