Rant about Type-2

Society is quick to blame a person with Type-2 diabetes saying it was brought on by diet and lack of exercise. Heck everything you see in mainstream media say it's because they are fat. While weight does play a factor it is not the only factor or the major factor in devolping Type-2. No one knows if weight gain causes Insulin Resistance pr if it is the other way around. If it was just weight and diet related why isn't every over weight person Type-2, and why have I met skinny Type-2s, fit type-2s, vegetarian type-2s and gasp for you Fork Over Knifes snake oil salesmen believing Vegan type-2s.
The fact is like Type-1 they don't know what causes Type-2 diabetes. It is known that many factors contribute to Type-2, Weight being one of them, environmental exposure being another(agent orange exposure), autoimmune disorder and the biggest factor genetics.
I also get tired of people comparing Type-1 and Type-2. I have had people tell me on learning I am Type-1" oh thats the bad one". Really? How so cause I have to take insulin or I die bah that's not to bad. In fact I think in some ways I have it easier then Type-2s. If I want a big carb filled meal I just have to take a larger dose of insulin a Type-2 not on insulin therapy doesn't have that choice. Do Type-1s have society blaming them for being Type-1 not for the most part but there are people who are just plan stupid. Do Type-1s have to deal with as many snake oil salesman telling them that they can cure or "reverse" diabetes with a magic diet or tea. No we know there is no cure and Type-2s in the know, Know that they can control thier diabetes with diet and exercise but in the end they still have diabetes. If my sugars are normal for days on end all I have to do is miss a shot to know I am not cured.

I know all about the miss a shot game. When my numbers are good, my sicko emotional mind wants to think I’m cured. Never happens. So I just made myself a T-shirt that says, upside down, so I can read it, “It’s the insulin, dummy!” I’ll see if I can get a picture of it to post.

And you’re right – Type 2’s have it rough. It’s a different battle than Type 1 in some ways, and the same in others. The blame and shame game is awful. And the snake-oil salesmen prey on the gullible and credulous something fierce. And they often don’t realize how seriously they need to take it – the pop-a-pill-and-forget-it attitude is common. But what else are they going to think when they’re told to test once a day or less? And insurance won’t cover more strips anyway?

Yeah, the whole Type 2 issue is worth a rant – my biggest sorrow is that I can do so little about it.

I think I have a new best friend! LOL I’ll try to post more when this stress-induced headache goes away…

You rock!! We’re all fighting a battle of some kind aren’t we? Also when you’re Type 2 and you mention what DOES work for you personally at least 50 people will post telling you how it will kill you in at least seven different ways.

Even my mom thinks I test too often, and apparently told my sister that I’m anorexic despite the fact that I’ve only lost about 8 lbs. GGRR

I am Type2 I am fit for my age 84 I eat healthy and I take 4 shots of insulin a day. I am not a candidate for the pump. I find being Typ2 is hard too. I count carbs I eat healthy I have lost 56 pounds and have kept it off for 16 years. If I had money for every guy who said he could cure me I could live quite well. I ,to,dislike the comparisons…we are all in this together and thank God for Tudiabetes. reed

@Natalie You don’t know how many T-2s I have met that just pop a pill and don’t worry I have had a few even pull the “oh you have the bad kind of Diabetes”. I still love the fact that a T-2 at work can spot my lows almost as good as I can, he even went off on a supervisor one time after the sup was telling me to hurry up while I was testing myself.

Thanks for posting this Jim. Most of the Type 2s on here are relative newbies and thankful to learn from the experiences of the Type 1s. There are times when I think it’s more difficult for T2s and then a couple of T1 members post that their pumps have failed and I change my mind. This disease is tough for everyone. I’m so glad we have a place here to help each other.

Don’t fret, researchers in WA have just found a genetic link between T1 and T2 - ha! Not, of course, that anyone will believe you, but when the treatment is the same as is the prognosis why not? Personally I think it is difficult for all diabetics, we all have to change our lifestyles and there is no let us, no holiday from it, just the need to keep on plugging away.
They have also found 40 separate genes relating to diabetes, which they say means there are a lot of different types of diabetes. They are still beavering away looking for even more genes that affect diabetics.

As a T1 I think that T2 is the “bad” version. At least I know my pancreas is delivering zero insulin all the time. I feel that I have a much greater ability to control my BG. In my mind there really is not much diifference between the two when you get right down to it.How we got this and treatment options may nary a little, but the goal and the consequences are the same. The only up side for T2 is the that SOME cases MAY be reversible, maybe. I hope this turns out to be true, but at this point it seems that the more we learn the more questions are raised.

Type 2 runs in my family, and every time a family member is diagnosed with it and has the attitude of “I’ll just pop a pill and not worry about it”, there are so many side effects fron doing that, they wind up dead from one of the complications. That’s why I swore off Metformin and am choosing to maintain tighter control with diet and exercise. I’ve lost 12 pounds so far, and my FBG averages in the 90’s now.
The youngest person in my family was diagnosed with full-blown type 2 at the age of 10. I haven’t heard much about his progress, but his parents seemed to think his diet was fine because he doesn’t eat sugar last time I spoke to them.
I think Type 1’s have it easier, since insulin works every time for them. They don’t have to worry about the drugs not working right for their body and then wrestling with what diet works best when the pills fail or any of the side effects from the pills if they do stay on them.

As a T2 I went to my doctor and DEMANDED that I be taken off all oral meds and placed on insulin. Any T2’s out there who are on any of the oral drugs, you should consider moving to insulin. I have found weight loss is easier and my A1c is usually 5.1. Easier control and less side effects. Works for me anyway.

@Brokenpole It’s funny I know a lot of T-2s that live in fear of insulin. I don’t know how many times I heard “I couldn’t give myself shots.” It’s odd the look on some of their faces when I mention that, in my mind injections are something I equate with a terrible time of addiction in my life and if I can stick a needle in my arm again anyone can. I once shoot up to numb the pain and avoid life, I now shoot up to live.