Has anyone ever done this

So, we had some people over yesterday for a BBQ, i was distracted, chatting, getting things prepared...i went over, loaded up my plate (low carb, at least I remembered that) and then just sat down and started eating, no insulin...no one said anything either. About half way through I went, "Crap, I forgot to bolus." So, of course, I did...but IDK, it just made me feel so sad. It was so easy just to go and eat the meal; no problems no worries, no insulin, no highs, no lows...like normal people do. UGH!

I average about one missed bolus per year or two. I often don't find out until I test 2 hours post and whoops I'm over 200.

I don't miss my meal bolus often but I see the number one distraction is social interaction. It's my full intention to pre-bolus every meal. At least once or twice per week I bolus at the time I sit down to eat because I forgot.

Yeah, I don't like that every time I interact with food I have to think of BGs and insulin and a food calculation. It's socially distracting. The spur of the moment and the impromptu with food are lost. Forever. It's just a rude reality. I agree! Ugh...

That's a bit easier with a pump/ CGM but I've still done it, munching away and go "oops, forgotitagain". I don't bother getting sad though. That doesn't really enter my diabetes thought process that much.

I went almost 20 years this way. I dont recommend it. LOL

This happens to me ALL THE TIME. and always then when it is not the best moment, when i have been high already, eat something and then even forget to bolus…
and i do usually not notice it until a few hours later when i test. if i sit down and remember to bolus while eating, i do not see it as a forgotten bolus, a forgotten bolus for me is when i really do not bolus until i hit 15 or higher after dinner…
but i think it is not bad, it just makes us human and shows that we all struggle from time to time.

Yep, last night! I was cooking something with a few steps and just went from one to the next. I put it in the oven and it kept taking longer than the recipe said and I thought, shoot, what time did I bolus? Bolus? Luckily it was a lowish carb count and I ended up just fine.Not even the excuse of people. But when I go out with friends I always sit down and get absorbed in conversation and then go...oh shoot, I need to do my insulin! Forgetting entirely until I see the highs later is less common but happens once in awhile too. I've always been a space case! I'm like AR; I'm more likely to bemoan my own errors than the condition itself.But even that, I try to learn from and move on. D takes enough attention in my day to day life, I don't want to rent it space in my head too!

I don't know an accurate number but would guess I forget to bolus about every couple of months. I usually remember during the meal or right after.

I'll be getting breakfast ready for the kids, and start snacking myself while bustling around the kitchen preparing school lunches and work lunches while my wife ensures proper clothes and doing up hair. Then I sit down to work for a few minutes before the bus comes and realize, "DOH! Forgot to bolus".

Or there are times when I Bolus, but I miss hitting enter once. I think I'm good, but then a few hours later I realize that the bolus never went through.

I've seen an article about a plastic disc that could be implanted and would contain beta cells. it would excrete insulin but protect the beta cells from immune cells for 6 months or so. I would love to get a minor implant every 6 months and not have to worry about injections or pumping during that time.

Here it is! JDRF study shows promise for implantation of encapsulated islets

Once in a great while this will happen, usually in the sort of situation you describe, Sarah. I don't worry about it for two reasons:

  1. I'm low carbing as habit anyway, so in terms of a BG rise the risk is relatively modest. Not that shooting up to 200-250 is a good thing, but that's about the extreme upper end of where I'd end up starting at <100, and eating as much as 40-60g, which for me is a heavy carb meal. At a BBQ I might have some teriyaki skewers, a handful of potato chips, some fruit. Usually won't even get close to 40g.
  2. With a CGM, I feel a lot safer about this sort of mistake occurring. After all, the thing will scream at me when the BG gets over 140 or starts rising too fast, at which time I'll correct my mistake.
  3. Theres really nothing to be too alarmed about going unusually high once in a great while. Your body can handle it. (Of course, I'm not incluing DKA territory here, or forgetting basal dosing)

Yep, been there, done that. And it usually happens when I'm with other people and get distracted. Almost never happens when I'm alone.

Since I dual-wave EVERY meal bolus, usually if I remember it at all, I can just bolus straight once I do. But on a very rare occasion or two, I have totally forgotten and ended up quite high before bedtime. Only once did I totally forget and ended up really high in the morning.

Still, it is one of those things that makes me feel like I'm having a "dumb" attack.


Happened to me this morning! I was just sitting down to breakfast and the phone rang. It was my Medtronics StartRight rep. While chatting with her, UPS arrived with my pump and supplies! So I was munching on breakfast, talking, unboxing all the pretty new things, taking inventory, and not even thinking about my diabetes - weird huh?

So focused on my future treatment plans I completely ignored today's treatment plan!

Luckily it was a light breakfast as I was going to complete my basal testing this afternoon. Shot that idea all to heck! Now I get to try again tomorrow.

Yep, I do that sometimes. And then I think how odd it was that, at least for a moment, I forgot I had diabetes and felt totally normal. :)

I have almost done that once or twice but I remembered before eating too much. My problem is the opposite that when I pre bolus, I start cooking and then sometimes miss my alarm or my food isn't ready and I wait too long to eat and go low. What I do alot is start nibbling while I'm cooking or have a shot of oj or something if needed. I can go low anyway sometimes even if I eat at the alarm so now I don't always pre bolus for very long if at all, depending on what my bg is, what I'm eating and what time of day it is etc. I consider any time I forget that I have diabetes to be good though as it's a relief from it all and it does feel odd when I think oh yeah, I have to check my bg and I can't just eat etc. and it feels very sad too. But totally forgetting a bolus and going above 200 would not be great of course.

Life is complicated. I can't even count the times that I have remembered midway through a meal that I forgot my bolus. The real problem is when you take your blood sugar 2 hours after a meal and look with puzzlement at the meter wondering why your blood sugar is so high. It is then you suddenly remember you forgot too bolus and then you have to correct. That is when I feel really dumb.

I think we all forget from time to time. It is Just that human brain cells do this. We are all prone to distraction. I also pre-bolus, and then start doing something else, or talking on the phone and forget I was intending to eat.. so the 30 minute pre-bolus has stretched to 45 minutes or longer, and I go low.. I do not like the often resultant roller coaster blood sugar ride.. but I do not bemoan the diabetes condition when I forget...Just part of my life. I can also forget to bring my id or wallet sometimes, too.. Not a good thing when driving away from home .. but I am "Only Human".. 80's throwback hit:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U1tYZCieeyI