Hello! This past weekend my family and I attending the DRI in NYC. It was so nice to hear the latest in the Research world knowing there is defintely Hope and not just Hype. It was also nice meeting the faces behind chats and blogs. Like David , Jay, Amy, Bearnard and all others i meet along the way. My brother and I attended many sessions alone from our parents. We also shared some privite laughs and jokes as we traveled home. I LOVED DAVID talk about has challenges with his diabeties and tri a thons. I Hope to be with my dad and brother next year as to face my challenge of any jdrf bike ride with the help of my coach david. I also love the how to re train your Diabetic police. I had a couple of chances to use my feedback and you know what my co workers did not know what to say when i said there was no forbidden food. They just do not understand. I told them to have a nice day and walked away.Anyway I Beleive ! that we will get there in our lifetime. And there is HOPE! for the cure for Diabeties. And Tu community are Friends are angels who lift us UP when we Beleive our wings have forgotton how to FLY!!! Take care TU COMMUNITY.And do not forget to light your lumineras this month for all TYPE1s WE ROCK! LET thw world and communitys know were out there to help raise awarenes