Wish you were all here my Tufriends - IDF Diabetes World Congress in Montreal - 13,000 attendees so far - AMAZING!

Well, I am very fortunate this week to be attending the congress here in Montreal. Luckily I was able to get a volunteer position with IDF and I am having such an amazing time! So much so, that I’m not looking forward to seeing this all end on Thursday as I’ve never felt so connected to people that know what diabetes is all about. It’s truly an amazing experience for me, and something I doubt I will ever forget (anyone want to sponsor me for the 2011 IDF Diabetes World Congress taking place in Dubai?)

I have met up with one other diabetic that has had diabetes longer then myself (50 years compared to my 41) and we’ve been exchanging how we deal with our disease. Along with doctors, nurses, and others in the medical field, it’s been an amazing experience so far. Learning how they deal with diabetic patients and they have been learning about my experiences with diabetes over the years since I was diagnosed in 1968. Along with learning how they deal with diabetic patients in their areas of expertise, makes me still kick myself, wishing I’d continued on with my education instead of the university of life! As Dr. Enrique José Medina Sandino, President of the Fundación Nicaraguense para la Diabetes in Nicaragua pointed out to me, I am doing fine at what I do in helping people via Diabetes1.org and other websites that I frequent on the world wide web.

The World Diabetes Day Official Car - Dessert Dingo off road race team, driving a Class 11 (Stock VW) - I got to get strapped into this baby (thanks Jim - you know how to strap up a gal fine) ! Too bad the battery was disengaged - otherwise - I would have taken it out for a spin! Whoo! Whoo!

To read the rest of my blog and the first few days - go to this link !

Oh how cool. After reading the account, I almost felt like I am there. thank you for the great post.

rick phillips

Sounds like alot of fun Anna. I would love to to something like that. I will just continue my meet ups on a much smaller level. Have fun tomorrow.

Anna, 12.04 pm here in SA and just found this and ofcourse read your blog .
Soon the number may be 13,001 attendees , ha, ha .
I read about " looking for a place " …offer still stands !
TU member Carey will get us to the 5 K walk /run site on time …she promised .I wonder if TU member Yves will do the run ?
Canadian Olympic Rower , pumper Chris Jarvis most likely .
Yes , you are correct…it would be great if lay people living with diabetes could get to go . I have been at the CDA’ s yearly event several times with about 2,500 people from across Canada.


I dashed over to your full blog - wow! you’ve had a full day and more! Thanks for sharing.

(How about having the 2013 IDF World Congress in Nicaragua and I will supply the World Diabetes Day Official BOAT!?)

Fair Winds,

Fair Winds,

Have a great time Anna:) Thanks for keeping us all informed on what is happening. I am w/ Mike…have the next one in Nicaragua and I will come down:) good coffee always motivates!

Thanks for the update, I was planning to attend the event as well but my diabetic nurse said that it was mainly for people of the medical profession. Hence I did not go :(. Def am planning to attend the next one, any tips on how to become a volunteer on these events as they are otherwise so expensive?