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What is the best app for an iphone for help with diabetes?

I am new to Tudiabetes, and to diabetes itself. It seems like an app for keeping blood sugar data, carb data, meal planning - would be helpful. Not too complicated so as to be overwhelming, but useful.

Hi Fred,

This has been discussed a few times before, I can't speak for iphone users, as I am an android/linux geek ha..

Carbs and Cals is a good app for carb counting when out and about and is available on both platforms.

Worth getting a few decent books as well if you are new to diabetes.. Not sure if you are Type 1 or Type 2, but I still think they would be worth reading if you are Type 2.

I have also taken alot of great information from this site and other diabetics..

I started using an app called "Lose It" to keep track of food. The interface is engaging enough that it's sort of fun to play around with? It's more for weight management and doesn't have anything to do w/ tracking BG but I use my pump and CGM for that. Before I had the pump, I had a OneTouch UltraSmart meter that would also keep track of stuff and put it into a handy chart on the computer, I know that lots of meters have applications like that. They don't always come with the meter and sometimes you'd need to buy the USB adapter to use it but I loathe writing stuff down so I will use any gizmo I can to avoid it!

I use CarbFinder in order to get carb contents of various foods. I like the app because it will calculate the carb content based on the portion you select. It also has the carb values for many restaurants.

When you're eating out, the best "carb counting" app is actually your Safari browser. I just put into Google "[RESTAURANT NAME] Nutritional information" and almost always get accurate nutritional info for chain restaurants.

Before going back on the pump, I was using Diabetes Pilot. I liked it ok; the print outs weren't great, but my endo did find the info helpful when helping to determine my pump settings. It was the only way I was able to log things.

I'm using Diabetes Pilot right now (iPhone app plus Windows desktop version; they also have a Mac desktop version, all of which sync perfectly) and am finding it really useful. It's more expensive than other apps, but is so far the only one I've been able to find that is able to log everything I need. I find some of the analysis features limiting, so I e-mailed the company with feature suggestions and they e-mailed me right back within a day saying they were working on many of the suggestions I had, which was really nice to know.

I also have a pump so download my pump logs, but am finding manual logging is making a HUGE difference in maintaining better control.

Wow, what a set of helpful responses. I am Type2, have had it for 3 years but didn't really respond to reality until just now. I am on metformin and diet, and just want to make it easier to count carbs, track blood sugar, and meal plan.

Thanks so much for everyone's suggestions, I am also older so have never used a group before, wonderful to have a place to turn.

CalorieKing has a free App