Need help on choosing i phone app

I have been researching glucose and carb tracking apps and have narrowed it down to two. One is,Track 3 diabetes and carb counter and the other is My net diary diabetes tracker. Has any one used either of these or any others that they really liked. Thanks

I have not used either of these two listed but have used some others for a couple of years. I have used “diabetes app” for about two years and still use the carb lookup tool on it from time to time. Now I use the “IBG Star” app (which is free) for all my logging which is quicker to log with than the diabetes app, and is also a much better tool for showing trending and sharing your results.

All the ones I have tried are a pain in the (ahem!) because they all require lots and lots of data entry. I'm waiting for the iPhone app that lets you lick the screen and it measures and logs your blood glucose! (Hey! Billion-dollar idea right there!)


I will watch for other people's replies with great interest...

I'd pay good money for that one although I'm not sure about the germs I'd get liking my screen.