iPhone Diabetes Applications

There was an earlier discussion about this on the Geeks group.

So far, I have read about the following diabetes-related applications for the iPhone:

I am curious if anyone has tried any of these and what your experience has been with them.

There was a discussion started here as well…


I have also read about them, but also haven’t tried them.

I’m not likely to, either because they all require manual data entry. I have a meter, a pump and a CGM which all collect data that I can download and manipulate to my heart’s content.

I don’t have any need to have the data available on my iPhone, but if I did, I have other Apps I can use to view the reports I create from my Meter/Pump/CGM.

GlucoseCharter has a need food database to help with counting carbs, but for that I use Food IQ, which uses the USDA database - the same one I used to use on my Treo.

I think these Apps would be good for a gadget freak (me) who doesn’t have a lot of other gadgets (not me) and doesn’t like logging data in pen and paper (me) but wants to have the data available at all times (not me).

If my doctor used an iPhone, I might use one of these Apps to share data with her.


I have Diabeteslog on my iphone it’s ok. I haven’t used it much, it’s free so I decided to download it. I think glucose charter is 4.99. I was thinking about blogging about the 3 diabetic apps but I have to get the other 2 and actually use them. I think manually entering numbers is what is killing me on using any one of them.

Cool. Thanks. I’ll have to put these on my iPod Touch. I contacted the folks at Calorie King about an iPhone/iPod Touch version of their software. There is something in the works.

It would be nice to be able to upload/download from the glucometer. Whenever I have to manually enter data I usually forget.

Its amazing with all the technology out there it is amazing to me that not all meters sync with computers/pdas/phones and that only one is embracing the bluetooth technology. I have read that the high prices of test strip was for R&D. OK, Show me the money!!! I use the software for the onetouch meters and have looked at some software for all other meters and am very disappointed with these companies that make so much off of the test strips in the name of R&D and provide us with software that looks like its from windows 3.1 or an Apple IIe. You can buy a wireless bluetooth headset for about $30 but meters that download you still need to buy the cable and the software for another $30-$50 and then the application looks like it has not been touched in years and sadly it has…I came looking for Iphone apps but I feel like I had to vent that some of the free and $4.99 apps for the Iphone do more than the software for most of our meters. Does anyone else see the problem here???

FYI i wanted to develop the app for the iphone like some people mentioned but you need to pay to develop for the iphone without a guarantee it will be approved by apple so i didn’t. i started working on an app that will run on android.

Thanks I was one of the first 40 !!!

I just completed the survey. Hope I get a chance at that app.

I think they hired a bunch of engineers from the 1950s ( with pocket protectors and horn rimmed glasses ) to develop the software. Should send them to Apple Design School.

wait, i did this like a day and a half ago and i wasn’t one of the first 40… :frowning: how do you know if you are? I’m pretty sure I did it before Ron, i want my free app :frowning: hehe

I had called the reps of glucophone. They anticipate they will roll out in the next 6 months through a major provider. Nice thing regarding the glucophone is the attachment will be the meter and can send results directly to the server so you can upload it on your computer or can be sent to parents or caregiver. If this phone does roll out, the plan is the iPhone will use the attachment as well.

The recent TCOYD conference in San Diego had put a picture of the glucophone up to remind everyone to set their phones to vibrate. Talk about OOOOOHs and AAAAAAHs from the crowd of 1000+.
My daughter and her boyfriend and I were talking about it and he thought it would be convenient and discrete.


Manual entry is a deal breaker for me.

My meter, my pump, my CGM all have the data stored in them. But forget the pump and CGM, EVERYONE has a meter. With wireless technology, bluetooth, wi-fi, etc. it makes no sense to have this data stored in my meter if I have to manually enter it again into my iPod Touch, iPhone, PDA, Blackberry, Blueberry, Cherryberry or whatever in order to make use of it.

Carb intake and insulin doses - okay, if you don’t use a pump you’ll have to do that manually. But the purpose of technology - one purpose of technology - is to make things EASIER to do, not to create duplicate effort.


Exactly… Lack of convenience. It all amounts to duplication and who wants to do that in ANY area of their lives. Many if not everyone carrys a cell phone. So instead of having to carry both, having the two combined in one unit eliminates cables and manual entries in log books.

Have you seen Pocket Aid for the iPhone? It lets you put your medications, doctor numbers, contact numbers and so forth.
It is not specifically for diabetes but is a very nice tool to have for the just in case times.

Best one so far is Restaurant Nutrition. Great for carb counting esp if you go out to eat at a chain type place.

Hi Terry,

do you really get troubled by entering at most three digits for your glucose value. Do you really want Bluetooth on your mobile phone and meter which will quickly drain your batteries on both devices? Only to transmit these three digits? Why should anybody choose to being bound to one meter manufacturer or an all in one solution?

For me the communication between meter and phone is happy engineering without true value. The most entries in the log are manual. We have done intense interface testing for Glucosurfer.org and convenience is not an issue here. The issue is to keep a current log whether manual or IT based. Most pumpers will not keep a log because they assume that the data logged by their devices is sufficient (actually it is not). Only some will do an analysis of this data every one or two months. But this is less effective because the reaction to negative developments is much to late.

For some there will always be a reason for not logging. Maybe it is all too much for some…

Has anyone seen the Glucose buddy? its 5.99 I am all for free, but sometimes you have to pay to get a good one. I think as others have mentioned I would probably be a pain because you would have to manually input. But I am a parent and have to manually input anyway. I have to put it all on the computer (to email to the DR. ) and then in a Binder for the Dr. and she has it in her meter. I just thought that this would be a great way for me to be able to keep track in case of emergency. When I have to call the Dr. they always ask for the numbers for the day.


I just got Glucose buddy and have started to use it!!! I am entering some back numbers to play with it a bit more and will let you know!!!