Best endo appointment EVER (so far)

Ok so i may not have years and years of this diabetes lifestyle under my belt, but my A1c has been around the block. When i was diagnosed, i was at 14, which is expected. Then went down to 9.1 and then back up to 11.9 after a long while of just not wanting to deal with anything. Anyway, i had my first endo appointment today after a few months of really trying to take better care of myself, and i was soooooooooo nervous to see what my A1c would be. I was shocked when my endo said i went all the way down to 8.7!!! thats what, a whole 3.2 points? I almost started to cry. My goal is to be in the 6-7 range, which i know will take time, but 8.7 sounds pretty great to me. i was also taken off of the “uncontrolled” list, and i was given a new purple meter as a gift, which was followed by a long deserved diet coke. :] I hope that in three months i will be writing about how i dropped even more!

Wooo hoooo! Keep that up, that’s quite a big jump :slight_smile:


Congrats! Purple meter sounds fun :slight_smile:

Awesome! Keep it up!

BTW, my best endo appt. ever hasn’t happened. YET. But it will! It will be the one where the doc says, “See ya, there’s no reason for you to come back. You are cured!”