Today was a blessing! new Endo!

So today I meet with a new Endo and was mighty surprised at the person and doctor he is. I am usually set in my ways and prefer my doc of 8 yrs to take care of everything but he and his family have moved on to bigger things and I am so happy for him. now back to the Endo… I always felt like judgement was coming for every doctors appt but not here no he looked at my A1C which was 5.9 ( yeah me!! ) we made dose changes to my basal and correction factor based off the downloaded graphs from my CGM ( man I love tech ) we worked together as a team he then introduced me to the rest of the team the CDE and nutritionist and the nurses and all the tools they have at my fingertips to help me with keeping the great control I have. I felt at home I guess you could say. there was no judgement based off a number on a meter or you have to do this and that just hey we are here to help when you need it and every three months for A1C’s beyond that I decide when I need the help and advice of whoever it be. This office and staff is what I hope to have my whole life and what I hope all my fellow diabetics get care wise.

Thx for sharing a good news story.

Fair Winds,

It is on NC the charlotte area his name is Dr Obi and man ohh man I would recommend him to anyone!. Your doc seriously text during a appt? ugh I would really say something! you deserve better!

Great news! There are good endos out there - I love mine too!