Best Hello

That was about the best “HELLO” I ever got!

I do not usually stay long on groups because of the time involved in keeping up. But I am willing to try this out. I also find myself feeling vulnerable about putting personal stuff online that it may come out to haunt me later; though I do feel a desire to bare my soul to folks unknown.

I will get out a story I wrote recently about my becoming diabetic oh so many years ago, about 40 I think.

E-you next time.

PS I like that the editor has a strike-through formatting.

Look forward to the story mmbright :wink:

That is the beauty of sites like this! You can bare your soul so to speak, get some tips along the way, and everyone is welcome and you rarely get unpleasant remarks! At least you can say what you want to say and if you like the answers then all well and good, but if not, then you can ignore it. By sharing what you want to say you can possibly trigger someone’s thinking about things. I have learned a lot from these discussions.

Anyway, you are welcome! Stick with it! We are all in the same boat with variations. You will be an encouragement to others and hopefully we will be an encouragement to you!

Glad your here with us! Looks like me & you can be in a running here. I’ve been a d for 38 out of my 48 years. Wanna comapre note??? LOL

I am slowly getting the feel for this. Some of the groups have not been written to for many a moon. Doris I would love to compare notes. I was in a fox for most of my college (too many) years. I wondered from the library after a low test, to the snack machine, ate what I thought was too much, then wandered back, waited another half hour. Still could not concentrate, tested another low, back to the snack machine across campus. The problem with carrying snacks is that when you use them, they are gone…

LOL I know. Don’t send skiddles or peanut M & M’s anywhere with me b/c I errrrrr tend to eat them all up then when I really need them their gone! Yep guilty and not nessary low when I do it. LOL!

Summer break is coming up. Does that mean I can take off this cyborg device and rest for the summer?

No it goes with you! LOL! Please come to my page b/c I wouldn’t have caught your comment on your blog unless I had been on line at the time.

On my way to the Endocrinologist. Wish me luck!