To all of my newly found Diabetic acquaintances:

To all of my newly found Diabetic acquaintances:

As I am taking my walk this morning I am thinking about my experience here since joining this group just a few days ago, composing in my head what I might say to you.

The first surprise for me is that there is such a friendly atmosphere created by the members here and on reflection, I must say that did come as a pleasant surprise. And I was wondering why that is, why do complete strangers take the trouble to say “welcome” why do some of them say “I will be your friend”?

Even if I never hear from them again, which is perfectly understandable (although I hope I will), in taking the trouble to have extended that simple gesture to a newcomer I think it is telling me that “I am not alone” – that’s the way I’m taking it anyway. And I appreciate that.

After spending my last 20 years as a diabetic in a world of my own I did not realize how lonely I am (as a diabetic I mean, I do have a wonderful close family life but others cannot understand so I don’t share much more than I have to). When I applied to join this community I answered the question about why I wanted to join by saying that “I just want to learn of the concerns of my fellow diabetics.”

So, a sincere thanks to those who have acknowledged me, wherever you are, “Thank you, and best wishes in your endeavors, diabetic and otherwise.

Jim R.
PS: Now how am I going to post this so that it will reach everyone I’ve heard from?
I may have to send the same message to everyone separately but that’s OK.

Something about being among your own kind. Welcome

I am glad that you are here. Great site to find support and education and well…some good humor as well. Fantastic people to boot!! I too found out just how isolated I was with this “D”. Wonderful to have people/friends that “get it”. Makes life a whole lot easier. :slight_smile:

It’s a club and we all have perfected the secret handshake! Nice to “know” you, Jim!

Exactly. Welcome to the D-OC, Jim! Glad to share the online space with you! It helps so incredibly much to have others who go through the same things, and it’s changed my life. Looking forward to staying in touch on your end, too!

I hear you Jim - I have felt the same way since joining here and other diabetic organisations just last year (I’m a late bloomer - 42 years later I’m discovering other D’s). I feel so less alone too!

Thanks for stopping by and introducing yourself. Here you can go into diabetic issues that a non diabetic wouldn’t relate too. That is great support. Be sure to check out the search feature on the forum for topics that interest you too. Lots of reading here for sure. Again welcome…

I have wondered the same thing Jim. Being new to this myself, I have been suprised often in regards to this close camaraderie among complete strangers. It is so unfamiliar, in what was my normal life. I think, that diabetes is something that once experienced bonds those of us together as a unique family with an understanding, compassion and desire for fellowship with others living day to day with the same things as we do. Lonliness, fear, frustration, sadness and anger, as related to diabetes, we all get it and understand it so personally. It’s really made me think differently about people in general. Too often we see only the uglier side of human nature, in the news, on the highways or at the line at the grocery store. What diabetes has given me is a new appreciation for complete strangers and a view of the very best in people. What a gift! And, I’m happy to give up all the rolls, soda, and candy bars for it. Glad to have you in the family!

Do people with other chronic illnesses bond so well online? Just curious!

Welcome Jim! You’ve done a good job of delivering your message…and yes we welcome you to let you know we are here for you.

And most of us don’t know a lot, or any, diabetics out in the real world. (at least I only know one Type 1 and she’s 7 years old so we don’t have a lot to chat about.)

We heard you Jim…and sharing a common bond with a goup (a large one too, LOL) makes us stronger and braver. Welcome and so glad you’ve found a new family with us…=)

Jim I felt so alone in my fight against this “D” evm when my now 21 year old daughter took it at 11. This site is the best place I’ve ever found! It made me feel not so alone anymore! We hear you and it is really enlightening to hear from others who have fought this seeming never ending fight just to be reconized. Sometimes your family really loves you and wants to help you so much they make you feel like your not worthy of their love. Then you get some family members that will tell you they know what it’s like and they know ALL about diabetes. Well Just hang in there and talk to folks on this site! We’re all there for you!!