Best Infusion sets for kids

We have been pumping for 4 years and first started on the Cozmo with the Silhouette infusion set. We then switched to the OmniPod but that wasn’t successful for us. Now we’re going back to the Cozmo but would like to use a different infusion set.

I read what adults were using on the Pumping Forum and most liked the Inset but I’m wondering if that works as well for children.

What sets are you using and do you like what you use? What are the pros and cons with what you are using?

we use the inset 2, 6 mm. i’ve heard these aren’t recommended much anymore as they may come out (?!?) we’ve certainly never had any problems. the longer canulas (9 mm) bother my son, he is 5 and on the skinny side! very quick 90 degree auto inserter, nearly painless, especially compared to the 45 degree angle sets we used to use.

My son started out with the Silouette. We didn’t use them long because we HATED them.

He’s been pumping for a little over two years now and for all except the first couple of weeks we’ve been using the insets. I think they are great. He’s been using them since he was 3 and we haven’t had any problems. Of course, any set can get clogged.

I also tried the Cleos. I liked them, but Riley didn’t. I think he just liked what he’s used to so we still use the insets. Riley likes that they come in different colors. (blue, green, gray, and pink)

We use the 6mm . I think we’ve had 2, maybe 3, sites come out in the last 2 years. It is easy to use. I’ve used it on myself to see what’s it’s like and the needle goes in so quickly that it’s nearly painless. The one down side is it’s size. The inserter is bulky so you can’t just stash an extra one in your pocket. But, we keep a bag with Riley’s stuff in it anyway and we just keep extras in there.

The Silhouette is what we started with and it worked well for the 3 years we used it. But now that he’s been on the OmniPod which has a much more simple inserter it will be hard to go back to it. It is long and the inserter is loud. And with both we’ve had sites come out so I think that is normal for any infusion set.

We’ve got our endo appt tomorrow so I want to be prepared for what we want. Cozmo said they’d send us a sample Cleo after a prescription is sent but I’ve heard those hurt.

I used the Cleo on myself and I didn’t think it was all that bad. The difference is with the insets it is spring loaded. You push the sides and it inserts itself. The cleo is not spring loaded so you put the needle in yourself at your own speed. I guess if you don’t insert it fast enough it may hurt more?

Anyway, good luck finding the right set.

I’m sorry I don’t have any advice for you as far as infusion sets. But what I’m really wondering, is what didn’t you like about the Omnipod? We got ours in the mail TODAY, but don’t have training set up yet. My son with Type 1 is just 2 years old, and I’m trying to find out everything I can so we can make the best decision for him. Thanks and good luck finding a set that works for you!

my daughter uses insets it is the only ones we have ever used. She is on Animas. I like them. They are sort of spring loaded. They have another type of infusion set but they told me that insets were better for children so I would have to say yes insets are suitable for kids.

I started to reply with our experiences and ended up with a very long story. So maybe I’ll start a new discussion with the details. And I don’t think it’s a bad product and from what I understand a lot of people don’t have the issues I did. We hope to go back to it in the future but I just couldn’t continue putting my son through multiple pod changes and HIGHs.

You definitely should try it but utilize the 45 day money back guarantee they give if you are not satisfied.

We successfully switched to the Cozmo on Monday and have been completely relieved. We tried several infusion sets and decided on the Inset. My son loves it. Now my question is where do you get them? I’ve called several diabetes supply companies and they have it but don’t my insurance or they take my insurance and don’t have it.

Where are you getting your Inset sets?

I get mine from Animas. ( That is what kind of pump my son has.

Well duh. I did go there but the first thing that came up was the Inset 30. Now that I go to the shop section I do see the Inset. Thanks.

You are very welcome.