The "perfect" infusion set?

I’m probably being too picky, but I’m trying to find the “perfect” (or almost perfect) infusion set. I’m a fairly new pumper (seven months) so I’ve only tried three so far:

Cleo 90 - This is what I started with and they are my favourites EXCEPT I hate throwing away the inserter each time, and for some reason boluses with the Cleos sting.

Comfort - I tried these but I hated inserting them manually and had issues getting it at the right angle, and the tape also got extremely itchy after only one day, pretty sure I’m allergic to it or something. But I liked that I could get ten sets and five tubings, because I change tubing with the cartridge and not with each set, so have a billion spares sitting around.

ThinSet - I liked these other than that the packaging is bulky (it comes with this plastic needle disposal thing which doesn’t work, or at least I couldn’t figure it out, and it just takes up tons of space).

Any others you guys would recommend? I’m looking for:

Minimal packaging so it’s not bulky to carry around and not thorwing tons of plastic out every few days
Tubing and set in the same package (not like Cloe where they are separate and it’s possible to bring a set but forget tubing, or vice versa), also I liked 10+5 but I’m not sure there are any other sets that do that
I think I like straight-in better than angled, I didn’t mind manually inserting the ThinSets

What sets do you guys use and like and why?

This one would be perfect…

but the company was bought out by ICU-Medical who makes the orbit 90. As far as I know, they don’t plan on developing it…

I have a lot of problems with infusion sets…the only ones that work for me at least semi-consistently seem to be the angled silhouettes. Im looking forward to getting a new non-minimed pump so I can have some more options with the sets.

Very impressive stuff. Too bad they are not giong to be moving forwards with this. This would be great for those of use who want a less invasive infusion set.

That set does look neat!

I like Rapid D. Easy in, easy out. Stays in place! They do not crimp and sites stay “good” longer and they are totally flat (no button tops) so can be worn on the tushie without risk of ripping out the site if it catches in clothing.

Downsides: Tubing and cannula are separate and as far as I am concerned the ratio of 1 tube set to 3 canulas is too much and I end up tossing a lot of wasted cannulas away each month (my daughter only needs about 23 units per day so one tubing can work for two site changes). Plus, they have a metal cannula so if you do not have enough “padding” in the tummy you are limited as to where you can insert them in children.

I look forward to reading the replies. I just started pumping and have only used the Cleos. Like you, I hate to generate so much plastic waste. Then again, when I look at the Comforts and think about inserting them manually…maybe I should have started with them! Is it okay to use the cartridges and tubing for more than 3 days? I use less than 25 units/day, so that would save on waste! Maybe if I used one tubing set and cartridge for every two inserters I could justify throwing out the inserters better? And since I am programmed to grab tubing, cartridge AND inserter, that is not a problem. Does anyone have experience with leaving the insulin in the cartridge for six days or longer? I have only experienced one month, but I know that, especially when I wear my pump clipped to the inside of my pants, it gets warm!

Jennifer - Tiffany ( did an indepth study of various infusion sites. I found this very helpful!

I have an obsession with infusion sets…having tried many over the past 4 months!

I agree, the Cleo90 is a great set, but I hate the waste.

The Inset-II is a similar set up - has the inserter connected, but unlike the Cleo90 the tubing for the insetII is inside the inserter. Nice set, different colors…

I find the Minimed sets are a good quality. I enjoy the Sure T

I am not sure if you will find one with little waste - if you do please let me know! Insulin pumping is hard on the environment!!

the perfect infusion would be one that wudnt hurt and you never had to take out. “and thats the bottom line, because stone cold said so!”

I am using the Animas 2020 pump which came with the COMFORT and INSET infusion sets. I started pumping on 6/12/07 so I am very new at it. I’ve used both types and like the INSET. The COMFORT is a manual angle insertion which I have not mastered as yet and the INSET has an auto inserter that is very easy to use but is thrown away after use.
I am trying to get samples of other sets to try out and so far I’ve gotten the Fifty/Fifty and Ultraflex. I am waiting for the Cleo and a few others. They want to know your life history and then they want a script from your MD. Has anyone else tried to get samples and gone through the same thing? Wouldn’t it be great if you could go to one source and get samples of all the different kinds of diffusion sets so you could try them out and decide which one you like best and works for you?

Our first infusion set was a silhouette, but we had no inserter, so had to do it manually. That REALLY seemed to hurt my daughter. We only did that 1 time…For the next 9 months or so we used Quicksets, and really liked them. They have an inserter separately~ a quickserter, I think it’s called, but I found that the packaging would squish easily when carrying them around in case of emergencie/traveling. We then switched to Insets, and we love them…No worries about forgetting an inserter, or having to carry it separately b/c it’s all packaged together, and they travel well b/c it is all in a sort of hard plastic containter…Unfortunately, it does create a fair amount of waste. Still, they are our favorites at this point.

I used to use the Cleo but recently switched to the Animas pump so started using the Inset. I think the Cleo is a bit easier to use, but i feel nothing with the Inset when it is inserted and everything comes in one package. It’s taking me time to get used to using the Inset (for some reason I keep having misfires and problems with insertion but I think that is just me getting used to using it). Both have the plastic to throw away though.