Best infusion sets for sports

I just got a minimed 722 and have experimented with the quick-set and silhouette, but today during basketball practice my silhouette was pulled out. thankfully i am only on saline for the next few days, but what sets have you had the best experience with during sports.

please only suggest medtronic/minimed infusion sets

Hi Jeremy,

I have absolutely no experience with MM pumps. However, one of our members Dave is a staunch supporter of the Sure-T’s. They are metal and can be reattached if pulled out, as I understand it. With your current infusion set, you could always try reinforcing with tape, or some other such adhesive.

Good luck sorting it out! Cheers, Mike

i used to play in a high-level basketball league with college players and would take my pump off during games. never had a problem and BG was usually fine.
now … i ref elite soccer, college and low-level pro games. i wear my pump for this and have always used silhouettes. they’ve always performed well. only had an issue one time – a college-prep tournament this summer on turf, which mean temps were above 100 degrees. my site came out. i replaced it but that one came out too because of sweat. so … i disconnected and finished the game. got home two hours later and was 134 and very happy and surprised.
i’m guessing the high intensity pace of the game and the seven miles of running offset the missing insulin. otherwise, i’m a big believer in silhouettes. i’ve put them through a lot and they’ve held up well.

do you put the cover on the silhouette to keep everything out of the infusion set, and if so do you cover the infusion set with anything?

i had put the cover on the set after removing the pump, and something snagged on the cover and ripped my silhouette out