Infusion sets

Liberty medical sent me siloutte infusion sets, i heard and read that these are more for children , what works best for an adult that is in pretty decent shape, i am not overweight , i am a runner and i just heard a lot of feedback on these sets, should i call and get them to send me another kind , i do saline training a week from tuesday, and start pumping insulin at the start of march !

I used Silhouettes for years as an adult. There are multiple choices of infusion sets and you should ask for a sample of each (either from the pump company, your diabetes educator, or your supply company).

What pump are you using?

minimed 722

I also use the MM722. You should try out Quickset (6mm) and Sure-T and see which one you prefer. Perhaps if you call Minimed, they will send you a sample of each infusion set.