Silhouette infusion sets

I am using silhouette infusion sets and they keep coming out when I run, I have been on the pump for a week now and was just able to start running again, am I doing something wrong, should I ask for different sets, any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks !

When you say they’re coming out MIchael - do you mean they come unstuck? I know that for some people, and I’m thinking that you are perhaps into athletic activities from some of the discussions I’ve seen on your Home Page - that perhaps you may be “sweating” off the infusion sets so to speak. Many people swear by products that help the infusion set adhere to their skin better - I think Skin Prep is one of them. There are other products out there - but maybe someone will come into the thread and point out some other products.

If it’s not a sticking to your skin issue, what length of cannula are you using since if it’s the shorter ones - you may have to use the longer length? Perhaps depending on where you are placing the infusion set - muscle could be pushing the cannula out perhaps. Just a thought.

Anna from rainy Montreal -

I started on Sils and found that they “crept” out on me…you could see some of the cannula and sometimes it even moved! They also irritated my skin so, I eventually asked to try different types and gratefully later found QuickSets…the 90 degree insertion worked better for me. I am not “athletic” but, some areas have less padding and I still do ok w/ 6mm sets. You may wish to talk w/ a CDE or doc and try at least a few other types. Many folks say they really like the Sure-T’s…the reason I mention them is w/ all the Lot problems w/ the QuickSets…although QuickSets “stick” very well and do not move on me:) As Anna mentioned…trying skin prep is also a first step. Good luck:)

I have never had a problem with the Quik sets… even when I got caught on a drawer when I was using the 42 inch set…it yanked but it did not pull it out… ask for those they are highly recommended…