Best Monitors?

Does the ultra mini use the same strips as the One Touch Ultra 2? I like the idea of a smaller monitor but don’t want to change strips and go through the hassle of re-doing my prescriptions.

I’ve been using the iTest (the Canadian version of Agamatrix Keynote) for almost a month now, and I’m not at all convinced that it lives up to its claims of better accuracy. I’ve been comparing it to two meters that are always very good when I check them against a lab blood test. The iTest is always higher, usually by 10 to 20% but sometimes as much as 40%. I should get the results of a lab calibration of the iTest (and the other two meters) tomorrow, but I’m not expecting it to fare well.

The minimum temperature for the strips is 10 C (50 F), which is a disappointment too. I think this meter will be joining the AccuChek Aviva on my list of unacceptable test devices.

Yep… One Touch Ultra, Ultra II, UltraSmart, and Ultra Mini all use the OneTouch Ultra test strip…
The gotcha on the mini is you can’t download the readings to your computer… (but there is supposedly a new version of the One Touch Mini with data support)… but hasn’t been spotted in the wild yet… But the software update for it is already out on LifeScans website…

I forgot about the Precision Xtra… I tried the orignal precision (the one with the LED lit strip slot as well as the glow-in-the-dark transparent/translucent case (as well as having a display backlight)… The original used too much blood and was kind of a bulky meter… but it did Ketone Testing… the Xtra you have is a completely different model… the strips are also been changed and are supposedly based on similar technology to the Freestyle (which was bought out by Abbott)
Really think all meters should move to offering ketone testing …

I love the xtra, can’t honestly seeing myself change, i started with the original freestyle, then moved to the flash, then tried the Ultra Smarts and the Ultra Mini and now have the Xtra which I am the most pleased with. The only think I don’t like is insurance won’t cover the ketone test strips, but Abbot actually sent me a free box to try. There are only 10 in a box, but you shouldn’t have to use them that often. The other downfall which I think I am going to email Abbot about considering is putting them in vials. They are individually wrapped and when you are shaking from a low it is hard to get them open. And they don’t have it to where you can download your readings to your computer, or an alarm to set on the glucometer. It does have a light but you haven’t to hit a button to turn it on and there is no light at the meter slot.
And I think i am going to email all of those suggestions to Abbot. Who knows maybe they will take them to heart. Who better to suggest changes to their meters, but people who use them on a daily basis.

Results are in… the Onetouch Ultra 2 that is my main meter read 4% high, and the OneTouch UltraSmart read 9% high. OK by me. The iTest (or Keynote) was 25% high, which is not acceptable, but not at all a surprise to me. I’ll call the customer contact number to see if they want me to try a new meter, but I am not impressed.

I don’t think anyone has mentioned the Ascensia Contour meter. Does anyone use it? I used to use the original Contour (metallic blue, 2 button) and I liked it. A very good, simple meter. I’d be interested in hearing feedback on the new 3 button model.

The InDuo meter also uses the OneTouch Ultra strip, for anyone who still uses the meter. I still have one last functioning InDuo injector, although I no longer use the meter. I suspect the meter was just a One Touch Ultra meter wrapped in a case to hold the half-length injector.

I like to use completely different injectors to help avoid mixing up my different insulins, so it was a sad day for me when they discontinued that injector.

I had been using the Bayer Breeze 2 meter and the Dex prior to that for several years. What I really liked about it was the test strip disk that holds 10 test strips. You never had to fumble with the strips, just open the meter and the strip popped out. In getting ready to move to the Minimed pump, I have moved to the OneTouch UltraMini, since Minimed will soon be shipping their OneTouch meter that works with the pump. Other than having to get used to handling the test strips again, I really like the simplicity of the meter. As far as the limitations of data output, I never used these features. I use a program called Diabetes Pilot, that I do all of my glucose, carb, insulin and exercise tracking on my Treo phone, so that wasn’t a concern of mine.

The problem I had with the Dex, between the atitude of the phone support, and the connectivity issues, was that the meter would constantly start counting down before the strip was full… Sometimes i couldnt fill the strip in time for the countdown to finish, and there goes one wasted disc… I used to use Diabetes Pilot for a brief time but it had issues and my Palm was flakey… I made the mistake of buying a refirb from palm which was NOT refurbished properly and their atitiude was sucks to be you (digitizer went completely out of calibration every few days)…

The closest thing i found to the nicety of the dex was the Accu-Chek with the drum (original model). I used during a clinical trial (Cuz Lifescan would not provide them with discounted / free strips)… As i said in a previous post… the problem with that meter was constantly wasting strips…the trap door that held the drum in, was prone to popping open… and it took a little more blood than I’d like…
Been meaning to contact them and try to get the new version…

I have only used the Bayer Ascencia Breeze, now Breeze 2. I don’t know about accuracy or temperatures, but the fact that I only have to change the disc once every 10 tests, as opposed to every time with strips appeals to me. The memory feature is helpful to me, as well. It is larger than some, but I carry a purse, so that’s not an issue for me. I have insurance, but the cost on the shelf is @ $100.00 for a 100 use box…$1 a pop! How does that compare to other strips? They have been giving the breeze 2 meters away with free coupons…hmmm…do we think it is to keep selling those expensive discs?

That is about the same cost as the One Touch Strips in my area.

Most strips for the major brands run around 95-100$ retail… Its the off-brands that tend to run lower (Prestige TrueTrac, Sidekick, other lesser-known brands)… Sometimes you can get a deal if you buy a lot of strips at once from a mail order house, but that sort of locks you into that meter (or class of meters)…

Has anyone called their support lately. How friendly are they, do they try to go out of their way to make sure your problem is resolved? and less of a “sucks to be you” mentality… The fill issue wth the Dex… GRRRRH

Im tempted to re-visit the Bayer meters, but I will be calling their tech support… I tried the contour (blue one with one button, It was a vast improvement over past Bayer meters in all the right spots, but I dislike only having one button to control the meter (yes I know about the new contour, I like the three buttons)… Kinda like the ATM style meter menus (up down enter (sometimes a power button as well)… But at least have 2 buttons… entering the time (without a data cable), is evil on a one button meter (Glucometer XL and the Original model Contour)…

The Breeze 2 is only good down to 50 F. I also found that my original Breeze (not the 2) was very sensitive to humidity; I once set it off just by breathing on the strip.

For a great comparison of different meters see diabeteshealth meter guide . The pages are too wide to display so you’ll have to scroll down to get the continuation of each meter’s info. Elsewhere on the site there are good
guides to of all sorts of other diabetes stuff.

Humidity might be a problem as I live in S FL…
Thanks for the link.

To be fair, it was well below its rated temperature when I set it off by breathing on it. It may not be a problem normally.

Well I use another version of teh Precision, (no strips for my Xtra) and love it, small compact and accurate, I checked it against my last lab, only a few points off.
ONE thing I like is teh foil wrapped SINGLE strips, easier to carry and stay SEALED till used. No vial t spill, yes I have spilled a vial more than once.

If I think I am taking a DIVE, I reat it pronto, however I have my BASAL set so I am very level as long as don’t eat or exercise. Back in teh odl days befor meters I would go in to say a McDonals and while I could see the letters and number I could not process the words etc…a little scarry when too low.

For me it’s teh Precision Xtra and clones.

(&( GOMER does not have a purse for big round drums, don’t want one either…

I used the ascensia contour, but found that my new insurance wouldn’t cover the strips.
I switched to the Onetouch Ultra, found really no difference in the readings between the two.

I have tried every meter out there on the market but my personal favorites are the One Touch meters. I use the One Touch ultra 2 meter and I also carry the mini in all of my purses. I have all the colors that they have out. The only thing I don’t like about the ultra mini is I can’t download the readings to my computer as it has no data port. So when I am home I use the ultra 2 and when i’m away from home I use the mini.

Martha… Time for a shopping trip!
Lifescans been listening and I have seen some avalible in the channel…
Look for the One Touch Mini with Data…
If I recall, Diabetic Promotions had them in stock (retail web seller)
Yes youll probably have to pay for it but it was only a few dollars different from the original Mini, if that…

Well known trade secret is Glucose Meters subscribe to the King Gilette buisness model… (Give away or sell the razor for cheap, and make a profit off the blades (or in this case strips). There is an extremely high markup on the cost to produce strips. It has been esitmated the strips cost at most 10-15 cents but retail for slightly under a dollar. (im not talking more convience packaged strips, like disks or cartridges, just basic one use, insert yourself type strips) Actually there was a well known diabetic product manufacturer who sucessfully made “aftermarket” strips for a particular meter, but was sued and ended up being absorbed and contracted to make strips for one of the Big Three… (Im pretty sure it was Lifescan who bought them out, but I vaguely recall they were a participant in making a clone strip for the Glucometer Elite)…Iverness Medical was their name