What Is Your Favorite Meter And Why>>>>>>>

I bounce around my glucose meters all of the time! I like one one day, and tomorrow is a new day. I am looking for a meter that is consistent. The most consistent meter is my Ultra Mini. My UltraSmart has the most gadgets, And my Bayer Contour is the most accurate compared to the labwork at my Dr. Which meter do you like best and please explain to me why!

I like the UltraMini too, more because of the size, as it fits in my shorts when I run, but I have found them consistent. I got a Bayer USB thinking it might shave some space but it didn't so I've stuck w/ the UltraMinis and have two of them.

My main meter is a One TouchUltra2, my backup for pocket or purse is the UltraMini. I like them because they not only agree with each other, but most importantly, they agree with the way I feel. I find the inexpensive meters/strips run about 20 points lower, which is way too dangerous for me to try to use -- don't want to take an unnecessary correction and wind up low.

Of all the meters I’ve had, I preferred the Bayer Contour USB. I like it because it requires a smaller sample of blood and it is compact. I now use the One touch Ultra link and have the One touch mini for exercise (they use the same strips). The Contour USB was my favorite because I liked the colored screen, the look of the meter, the small sample size, and the option of seeing my glucose levels charted out over a period of time. I still have that option now that I'm on the pump, but I really liked the smaller sample size (have I said that already). There you have it, my two cents. Enjoy!

Yes, I love the USB too! My USB proved to be closer than my One Touch at the Dr. office. I use the Ultralink as well. It is the most boring meter ever! It is exactly the same setup as the Ultra2, except the Ultra2 looks better!

I use the bayer usb, have tested it against many other meters and it is always withing 5-10 pts. also the fact that I can download all the info to my pc and do the log there as well as charts and graphs.....a picture is worth a million words.....when you see a pie chart showing you how much you have been high or low that is graphic....