What is the best meter out there..? I have had rotten luck with mine

Ok, my first meter was the Accu Chek which was ok but really expensive…then I tried out the Wallgreens True Track, but my readings were inaccurate. I just recently got Contour Bayer which I like but still don’t really know…what do you recommend?

The ones I am most comfortable with are the Bayer Breeze2, the One Touch Ultra Smart, and the FreeStyle Lite. They have gotten the best reviews of any meters I’ve seen…

I use the OneTouch UltraLink (or minilink?) because it connects to the pump, but I used to use the UltraSmart which was really cool- you could log exercise, food, insulin and what not onto the meter. The OneTouch minis are super cute and they work well :slight_smile: OneTouch is a great company.

One Touch has always served me well. Love my Ultra Mini.

I like the freestyle lite, small blood sample and love the built in light. The meter is cheap $18 at Target, and I get a 'script for the strips that brings them down to a reasonable price.

Thanks !!!

I change to the accu-chek nano some time back and have found it to be very reliable, the meter and its bits came free ans so do batteries test strips and log books so i suppose I am very lucky, the only jcripe is that it is a bit small compared to the last meter again from accu-chek and I sometimes put it down aand forget where i left it.

been looking at the new mobile meter from accu-chek all in one no seperate test strips

Thanks man!!