Best pump for distance runner?

Finally decided to change over into getting a pump. Ive had type 1 since I was 11 (31 now). Always been an athlete…usually soccer but am getting into distance running now. Trail running specifically. Ive run a few marathons and a bunch of 20 mile races. I want to run an ultra. Id like to do a stage race at some point. Pump seems like the option for getting these goals accomplished.
Interesting in hearing what pumps athletes use, the pros, the cons and opinions on best choice.

I have had nice results w/ the Medtronics pump and CGM. The results seem to correlate nicely to me meter, most of the time, and having the CGM and pump in one unit is useful for running. I had one fail after a 14 mile run, in 87 degree heat. I never bothered asking what blew up on it but I had a new one the next business day. The other pump brand(s?) don't have a CGM. I don't mind lugging stuff along (pump, meter, sugar, gatorade, sometimes iPod...) but the Dexcom has another unit you have to use to get the data out of and to use for a meter. I know there are units that will hold it so it's not a deal-breaker but the Medtronics seems a bit more compact.

I play soccer 2-3 days a week, run half marathons and 5k. I went with the animas ping for several reasons. First it’s easy to read. I love the display. Second, its waterproof which is helpful IMO just incase. It did appear more rugged to methan te Medtronic as well. The pump can be accessed with the meter remote which can be convenient. Finally, animas has a new pump with cgm coming out later this year and they will have an upgrade program. So if you need/get cgm you can get it soon.

Thanks! yes less to hang onto is best. the running/heat is what makes me nervous. I live in AZ where i can be out in 100+ degrees for hours. How does the insulin do with the heat? how often does it need to be changed, or have you ever had it stop working?

great! thanks that is a lot of great info. I definitely need a cgm and one i can easily see when running. ill look into that newer one.

I just got a 523 model pump (warranty replacement) and it says it's ok up to 104 degrees? I had one fail last summer on a *really* humid day that started out 87 degrees at 6:30 AM and was in the low 90s by the time I was done? I dunno if that was connected to the heat or not?

thats what im hesitant about. what about the insulin itself. youve never had issues with that?

I think medtronic minimed would be great for you, If you are getting the CGM its all in one system, I am a runner (I don't have CGM) and I use the Minimed 723 model.