Best way to keep the sensor attached?

About three weeks ago, I started a fairly vigorous cardio workout plan. While the Dex has been great at keeping track of my blood glucose, the adhesive on the Dex sensor is no longer doing its job. After a few days, the sensor just wants to peel off, while my OmniPod stays on rock solid.

I would love to hear the different solutions that folks are using to keep their Dex sensors attached. Thanks in advance!

I use IV3000 to reinforce my Dexcom sensor when it starts getting loose. I cut a U shape in the IV3000 so it fits around the sensor and only covers up the adhesive patch. It generally holds well. Once I used two pieces, one on the top and the second on the bottom. I did goof, though. I put the top on first and then the bottom. That exposed the smaller edges (the top of the U) to the force of the water in the shower and it loosened up. The next time I will put the bottom piece on first and then overlap the top piece.


Find it here:

The stuff is amazing. You can cut strips of it, or a whole patch (cutting the center out so it doesn’t cover the transmitter) keeps sensors in place and doesn’t irritate the skin.

Haha! I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who uses this method! That’s exactly what I do, too, Brad. Although I tend to put the two pieces side by side, not up and down. But you’re right - the bottom piece has to go on first, otherwise showering, etc. tends to peel down the edges. :slight_smile:

I use a tegaderm under the sensor and the pod and they stick like glue!!!

I cut a hole in a piece of tagaderm and place it over the top. It will buy you an extra workout or two but can easily be removed after a shower or something and replaced with a new piece.

I am also a Flexifix user - I love that stuff and it holds up really well.

I use Skin-Tac. I Paint the bottom of the adhesive on the sensor before I put it on. I let it dry a bit. It holds for about 10-12days sometimes longer. If I paint the area I am going to install the sensor it holds even better. I paint a doughnut shape so the sensor wire does not go thru the Skin-Tac. I then use Tac away or rubbing alcohol to clean the overage.

Anybody heard of mastisol. I’ve been looking at this stuff and it’s real expensive but is used in hospital as an adhesive. I try to use my sensors for longer than a week. I need something that will hold through the workouts/showers. Currently, I pay out of pocket for my supplies(Dexcom).

I bought some of this on Ebay (cheaper) but, it did not really work for me and was a bit of a mess. I got the vial and dabbed it on. I will try again to prep the area and stick the sensor to it…I tried to save a site and that did not work. I have also used IV3000 to extend the site. Getting about 14d out of one sensor. Have not had my Dex for more than a month. Anyone get longer?

I bought some on Ebay also, but I got the spray. Will be interested to see how it works. I hoping for 14d, the monthly cost is crazy. I’ve had mine about a month also.