High BG's......why?

This week I was given my walking papers by the Health Coach. She said she couldn't help me with anything else, I knew "everything" there was to know. I would have to see the nutritionist or CDE (certified diabetic educator) Which if she had been listening, knows that the nutritionist and I don't see eye to eye on weight loss, number of carbs per meal.....CDE would be okay, except my insurance ONLY covers one visit per year,

That was Wed. I want to make my own decisions...but I like idea of having a medical back up just in case. What I need is a big hand that says, "you can control your diabetes better than anyone else". Because I'm feeling like I can't. The being dropped, I have had highs where there should be none....granted we haven't had money to buy the foods I should be eating, but I am doing the best I can. I take humalog before meals, Januemt twice a day (500mg) and Lantus at night. This was controling my numbers very well, with exercise and eating right. But I started at 161 this AM (usually run 90 - 130) and have gone up since. my pre dinner numbers were 190....okay so felt like I shouldn't eat, but did and took my humalog. Suppose the stress of seeing higher numbers and then not getting to eat until 2:00 didn't help. But what the heck, I know how to do this, any ideas. AND you can say "settle down, do what you know how to do....things will even out".

I, personally, don't even think twice about 190. I don't even correct before 200. I consider that, fairly, in range. But, I don't feel bad at 190. If you feel bad at 190, physically, not emotionally, then maybe you should correct for it between meals. But, a 30 point increase feels pretty reasonable to me, something to be expected. Sounds like your doing a really good job.

Truthfully I think sometimes I obsess over numbers that are really alright, physically. But then again, I haven't ever been able to tell when my numbers are high without checking them on my meter.....even at 500 --- I felt fine. I'm a little panicky about not having a parachute as I jump off and take care of me.

For me, when my numbers are higher than expected for no apparent reason, sometimes it's the beginning of a bug in my body I can't even feel yet. When I get a cold, it often shows up in the BG first, then my insulin needs remain elevated throughout the active period of the cold and sometimes for a few weeks after. It could be something like that for you or just a random day where your body is out of sync or your hormones acting up or......

That's wild. I can see the concern. You can't taste it? I always taste this nasty, old sugar taste - the taste that you get in the morning when you eat a bunch of candy overnight and don't brush your teeth. hmmm...your interesting. You don't even get nauseous? That's the strangest thing! Do you feel a hang over after a night of drinking?

Am 62 and have NEVER been drunk, so I don't know. Sorry not much help

Lol, sorry. Didn't mean to offend. I ask because I always feel the dehydration worse than anything. I was trying to see if you just don't feel dehydration very much, you must be a tough cookie. On the upside, if were all trapped on a deserted island, maybe you have special physiology that would keep you feeling fine while the rest of us were crying like little baby's.

When I am running unexpectedly high, I start going through my little checklist. Is the infusion set good (aka how many days has it been in)? Is the insulin coming out of the pump correctly? How long has it been since my last cartridge change? Could the insulin from the vial have gone bad? etc, etc.

So do you have another vial of Lantus to try out?