BG Fasting Numbers Rising on Dr B diet

I have kinda hit a wall as a Type 2…

I had to reduce my Metformin dosage because I cant tolerate the stomach upset and low grade nausea. I am tolerating 500 2X a day but even that is touch and go at times. I am on the extended release too now.

Since I have reduced my dosage about two weeks ago my fasting BG is now anywhere from 116 to 135. Before it was below 110 Exercise has not changed the numbers.

My post pranadial have been rising too now. Before I would not spike above 120 after an hour but now I go up to 170 and above. Even though it is not the two hour window I think those spikes are way too high especially following Dr B's diet. After two hours it is around 125-135 which is too high too.

This is on extremely low carb ( Dr B diet) and not allot of intake because the Metformin has taken away all of my appetite. Sometimes I forget to eat too. Weight loss is going great (75 pds) so thats a good thing.

Now what concerns me are the rising numbers on low carb. Getting a CPEP tide on Tuesday. The lab screwed up the test the last time and did the test for rheumatoid arthritis. Its nice to know I dont have that! LOL.. I had to argue with my Doc on that, he saw no benefit but went along with me as I know I would feel better.

I have access to the Mayo Clinic and may go there this spring to get a battery of tests on everything. 90 miles from my home and they now accept my insurance. ummmm Will do a couple of more monthly A1C's to see how this is all going. Will watch what that CPEP comes back too.

Day by day...

I was having problems with the stomach upset and low grade nausea because of metformin I talked to my doctor about it he put me on Ranitidine 150mg (Zantac) twice a day I haven’t had any stomach problems since

Sorry to hear this, Pauly. Know how hard you’ve been working & the success you’ve had. Frustrating, to say the least.

Eagerly awaiting the results of your (correct) test. You may need small doses of insulin & hope your doc is supportive.

So sorry to hear this dear Pauly… Ive known you for working so hard with your diabetes management. I also had upset stomach when first placed in metformin… when my doctor lowered the doze to once daily, it became tolerable or maybe I just got use to it. Please tell us the results of your next lab tests… I do hope it will be much much better then =)

Thank you all. Yes Tom I have thought about the liver dump for the rises but numbers have risen fasting to during the day. If I ate what your eating for carb count I would be alot higher. Will let you know how C Pep goes when I get it back in a week.

Hi Pauly, I am on Dr. B’s diet too now for a year and I was only on diet and exercise for 10 months but my #s began to rise slowly and now I am on 1500mg metformin with a little improvement. However I am a slow onset 1.5 or 1 maybe you are too having slow onset? Maybe I’m jumping in way late and you’ve explored that. My fasting c-pep comes back in normal range and I have no insulin antibodies however a +GADA 65 so I have autoimmune diabetes. Congrats on your weight loss! Good luck testing! Have you done antibody tests?

Two Things.

First insulin resistance is a part of a low carb / high fat diet.
Physiological insulin resistance


I read your entry to Type2Runner. Guess what? You’re a “Ketosis Prone Diabetic Type 2”

Here’s some info: Narrative Review: Ketosis-Prone Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

I’ve started a group on it.

Check it out, you might find something useful.


didn’t work again, here it is.


How interesting! Is this something that also could occur in T1s? Realize most T1s don’t have insulin resistance, but some do.

Thanks Mike. Yes I am still passing Ketones in the medium range like the good Vet talks about in his blog. Very interesting. Today I ate 25 grams of carbs ( which is double for me) and was way up for over 3 hours until I was able to finally cover it with my own insulin. I test a couple of times a week and get the middle color reading on the ketone sticks. I will check out your group too. Thanks

I am only tolerating baby food and soft foods right now. My doc put me on Activia a few times a day and probiotics to put on all my foods. He said all the good bacteria in my stomach and intestines is gone so have to rebuild and get all those healthy ones back.