BG numbers

My bg numbers are doing well with me on my very low carb diet. I try not to eat more than 30g carbs per meal, but I’m usually doing about 16g carbs per meal. My numbers usually stay in the 120’s or early 130’s, that is unless I eat cereal. Then I’m upwards of 180. But that doesn’t happen often.

I’m wondering if my metformin is doing anything at all in my system. I did have cereal once and my bg went down from 179 to 102 or so in one hour (for the 2 hr mark). That might have been the metformin working. Not sure. I’d like to see lower more non-diabetic numbers but I’m not sure if that’ll ever happen. My fasting bg is still in the 100-112 range. I never see it lower, but I have seen lower readings such as the lowest I’ve seen which was 92 during the day. Oh actually I had a reading in the 80’s today. I don’t know if that was a fluke though. I hope I see more numbers like that as the days go on. I’m only on 500mg Metformin twice a day. I may need a higher dose, not sure. I see the doc in December so if I’m not seeing the numbers I’d like to see, especially my fasting glucose, I’ll mention my numbers to him and see what he says. Actually I’ll print out my bg’s for him as I now have software and data cable for my meter, which is new also. :slight_smile:

I love my Bayer Contour! It’s so speedy and accurate its wonderful! And it’s a lime green color, which I chose. lol Yay. I love the advanced features it has such as pre-meal, post-meal markers and an alarm to remind me to test at 2 hrs after my meal. :slight_smile: Sweet.

I am on the same Met dosage. I can’t eat cereal. But yes, that sounds like the Met doing its job. I didn’t really test before starting Met so I am not sure how high my numbers were without it. But I do remember that the first day on the Met - I had oatmeal. Plain, bland and no sweetned. Taste like glue. I was at 253, two hours later. But as the days went on my starting and ending numbers were lower and lower and more normal. Needless to say, I haved touched oatmeal since. :slight_smile: but I have low carb toast in the morning with peanut butter and that works out fine. Cereal really isn’t the greatest thing to eat on low carb - at least most cereals aren’t. You might want to check on that.

But depending on what you eat, the Met can only do so much - you still have to watch the carbs. Eat too many carbs the Met won’t automatically take you down to the low numbers. So it is best to stay with the low carbs so your numbers stay more normal the majority of the time. It is best though to be under 140 at the 2 hour mark. But to be at a higher number everyonce and a while will not necessary indicate that you need a higher dosage of Met. It is for your number to change to being higher on a consistent basis is when you should talk to your doctor about the dosage and see if you need a higher one.

True some people start with a low dosage and eventually need to go to a higher one. So far that hasn’t happened to me (yet! knock on wood) but the higher carbs you eat more often the harder it is for your pancreas to deal with all that sugar (even on the Met) so you can tire it out more. Do not worry if you only have some occassionally slip-up with some higher 2hr mark numbers. The goal is to stay as consistent as you can and not tire out your organs with too high numbers for too long.

I would just keep track of any patterns that change in your numbers (meaing going higher) when you do not change your eating patterns or exercise patterns. But keep in mind stress can have some temporary high numbers and, for us girls, that time of the month can screw with our numbers too.

Sound like things are going well for you! Keep it up and it will get better and easier! :slight_smile: