Bicycle Mount for G6 receiver

Looking for a simple way to mount my G6 receiver on my bicycle handlebar so I can easily check BG numbers while riding. (Currently, I am periodically fishing the receiver out of my rear bicycle shirt pocket.) Anyone aware of anything commercially available, either that is designed for this specific purpose or that could be modified for this purpose? Thank you.

Check amazon or best buy, etc.

A quick search shows many, but many may not adjust down to the size of receiver.

Good deal for you , Any bike mount that will hold a cell phone . Will hold the G6 receiver

John: Very much obliged. Will check local bike stores.

Take care.


I was hesitant about using a cell phone mount because the receiver is much smaller than cell phones. I wanted put my hands on one to try it before buying to make sure it was secure.

I tend to do things the hard way. I mounted a Garmin twist lock to a piece of aluminum soda can. I cut a hole in the receiver cover for the mount. The cover might be silicone, because glues don’t stick to it.I didn’t want to stick the mount directly on the receiver body because that might void the warranty.

This worked fine as far as being secure on the bike, The problem I had was the display was hard to read in bright sunlight.

In this picture you can see the receiver mounted on the bars with a Garmin Edge 1030 cycling computer to the left. I found a widget that will display Dexcom data on the Garmin. This does require a smart phone with Garmin Connect app on it.

You can see BG at the top of the screen 95 →

This works well. Sometimes there is a drop out with just - - -, but that usually clears after a few minutes.

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I can’t remember if I have already told you this…

Have I ever told you the trick on how to get the Dexcom receiver to (almost) always display your number every 5 minutes?

(So you won’t need to press the button on it!)

Be kind moot, @Eric2 as I am now on a Tandem, so it is pump and phone. But do post it so @Kerry1 and others can see. Not everyone wants to be attached to their phone, but my wife insists that she be able to contact me wherever I am. This goes before diagnosis and cell phones. Lucky I always had a pager supplied by work and then cell phones. :joy:

When looking make sure the inner space is rubber coated. All metal, it will bounce out. I went thru 4 different ones. I have Dexcom on my phone so I can use it as well as GPs Mapping.