DexCom 7+ w/Handlebar Mount

Has anyone come up with a unique way of mounting the DexCom 7+ to your road bike handlebars? My 14 yo son pulled out 1 of my old bikes the other day and we thought it would be a good idea to mount the CGM on the handlebars next to the bike computer.

Any ideas?



I would like to have that handy as well! I am not sure about the Dexcom though as the MM is dinky enough that the belt clip works pretty well although I have to fetch it to look at it while I’m riding/ running/ etc.

I just got this set up and I really like it. Im sure there is a way to get the case tab on your bars. Or email the company and they may have something more specific to your handle bars.

I purchased a clear case from REI that was designed to be a waterproof pouch for an Iphone. It came with two different straps for horizontal or vertical strapping. I keep it strapped to the center stem. It has worked really well and fits perfect.

Also wondering if anyone has got a set up for mountain biking, though I suspect off road riding would be tough on the receiver. Also interested in getting the Dexcom receiver to transmit to my Garmin unit. I know it can be done, just don't have it figured out yet.....

It's certainly possible to intercept the data, but it would take some serious engineering to do that. The Dexcom uses medical radio frequencies, and the Garmin units are certainly not set up for that. Someday...

hey there... i just joined this group. did you ever figure out how to get your dexcom to transfer to your garmin...which garmin do you use?

I haven't heard of any interface for that yet. The most likely scenario would be when both Garmin and Dexcom use BLE (Bluetooth low energy) which is quickly becoming a competing standard to Garmin's ANT+