Big D Duh!

I woke up this am high (for me)at 124. Corrected, puzzled. An hour later, 138. Once again, corrected, puzzled, getting annoyed. I picked up a dog to put it out, looked down at the one at my feet, and there was my set dangling from the tubing! Just changed it yesterday too.

Wouldn't you think by now that woulda been the first thing I'd check?!?!

I know I'm not the only one with a Big D Duh - c'mon and make me feel like less of an idiot, what's yours?

The best one I heard recently was from a woman in my T1 women's group; her cat bit through her tubing. She could not figure out why she was so high! I know about such things, my cats LOVE to play with my tubing.

Three years ago I disconnected my pump to get ready for bead my wife found it
the next morning dancing around on the bathroom counter. It took two days for
me to stop peeing ketones...It took me a week to fully recover.

But I have done a few things even worse than this with my pump and my pump
has caused some real disastrous moments for me as well.

Great you weren't higher! Very lucky.

This has happened to me 3 times! They do it when I'm asleep... I have to hide it now haha.

Glad you found your site!

Yes, really. Maybe a dog-under-the-covers leg caught it, who knows, but must have been towards morning!

Within my first six months of pumping I woke up one morning and tested (in range), bolused for breakfast and ate, got a shower, and then walked out the door to work without my pump.

Realized about three hours later that I felt like crap, but I'd also misplaced my meter! I was lucky to realize I didn't have my pump with me and found an insulin pen and gave myself three units. Not sure exactly how I came up with that number, I think it was the three hours of basal I'd missed.

Well, three units wasn't nearly enough. Finally found my meter around noon (about six hours since leaving the house) by which point I was feeling truly sick, and tested at 24.6 (443 mg/dl). (I had not eaten this entire time.) At that point I began testing and correcting every hour and sorted things out, though it took hours to come down and I was very close to going home. I had no way of checking ketones at work, but when I got home (six hours after getting insulin again) they were at large. Scary.

I hate to think what could have happened if I'd forgotten to bolus for breakfast and/or hadn't given myself those three extra units. I'd have probably been near DKA judging by how bad I felt. The one good to come of it is that I NEVER forget to bring a backup pen and meter now, knowing how quickly things go downhill without insulin.