Me and D and a Whole Lot of Other Stuff - (Countdown to WWD)

There just isn't enough time for me to sit and blog about my D even though there is soooo much affecting it right pump, visitors staying in our home, kids school and of course, Halloween.

I had received my new Minimed Revel pump earlier in October, but wasn't able to set up the appointment with the rep until Wednesday of last week. Had to make good use of the two hours on that morning when both my children were at school and the mother-n-law was busy cooking in the kitchen!!! ;)

Got myself all hooked up and new sensor was put in that morning. After I calibrated, I decided to eat my breakfast. I have figured out that is how I get my sensor to be accurate. If I have a good BS that morning, I'll insert the sensor and wait until after I calibrate to eat. It's accuracy is sooooo much better. So I calibrate and bolus for breakfast and eat. After 30 minutes, I get the new alert of "Predicted High." Hmmmm...I thought that it was alarming because I aim for about 150-160 2 hours after the beginning of my meal, because it comes down rather quickly and I could end up dropping really low. In about 10 more minutes, I get a high reading of 220!!! WTH???? I check and I was soaring at 320! Ok...something is wrong. It's rare I am that high. I check my last bolus dose thinking I might have forgotten to take one. Well, I took one, but I made a really STUPID mistake. I took 0.650 units of insulin instead of 6.5 units of insulin!!!! Curses!!! I knew about the smaller dosing. It's one of the reasons I upgraded. I guess I was just in a hurry and was in the old habit of going through the motions without thinking and checking what I did.

So now I am more careful and still getting use to all the bells and whistles that this thing has. Overall, I like it...and I know when I settle down with it, I will love it. But you know how it is when you add one more new thing to the giant black kettle of D. It kind of throws your recipe of D Success a little until you can get the ingredients tweaked just right again.

It was a trying week with the extra company, the extra mouths to feed, extra dishes, extra laundry and all the extra parties and preparations for Halloween. There were 3 Halloween parades, 3 parties, and Trick-or-Treating. We are all tired, and the giant sacks of candy are sitting in my home haunting me post Halloween. Ohhhh....but it smells sooo good.

None of this looks like it is slowing down until about January! I hope to read here how everyone handles all of the holidays...not just the food, but the excitement and all the extras. It all seems to affect me, even though I try to be careful and prepare. How do you keep D from getting lost in the shuffle?