Has anyone heard of the BioHub?

If only it were true how many times have we heard about a cure...we'll have to wait and see. But meanwhile I'll continue to manage my Diabetes.

Not only heard of it, there will be an interview with one of the lead scientists working on it, right here, this Friday:

They used to say a cure in 10 years. Now they predict 5 - 7. It's no different I don't think that the "cures" predicted 60 years ago. If something comes of it, great. But given the timeline they predict, don't hold your breath.

Oh, absolutely. Even if this should, against all odds, turn out to be "the one," I don't expect to see it readily available in my lifetime.

After 50 years, I always figure there will never be a cure and if one is found I will be too old. God knows, I wish there was one, but we can't even cure the common cold, so my hope factor is diminished.

@DNS,I thought I recognized him! Perfect oportunity to ask him directly about the BioHub.