There are many possibilities out there as I think they all contribute to a finding towards to a Cure. So to all in the research of this as I think there will be a quiet Breakthrough.
Why so Quiet?? Well with all the Pharmaceutical Companies making a ton of money through Insulins and Pumps, They would make the powerful force of buying out this said breakthrough and quash the finding or make something for them to sell. Pharmaceuticals are just a business model. They are not in this to find a Cure.
If Big Parma find a better treatment then they will win praises from governments hailing it a cure where as it’s not.

Every country has a Diabetes Black Hole as their financial burden as they will look upon Big Parma of a cheaper option.
If this ever happen then a Cure may be no more. This would be a very sad day indeed.

I hear this a lot. How many people nowadays, what with twitter, facebook, instagram and whatever else is on the horizon, are actually capable of keeping a secret? Even those who sign oaths and are paid to keep secrets do not. There's the wife of an MI-5 spook who posted their daughters soccer schedule on facebook, everyone babbling on about everything, and don't get me started on Snowdon. You actually think that not one person on the "cure" team wouldn't leak it?

While Big Pharma has a ton of money and a vested interest in the status quo, a cure for diabetes dwarfs that. We're talking a Nobel prize in medicine and an enduring legacy, a revered place in history. We give thanks and praise to the the discoverers of insulin, simply a treatment, not a cure.

A cure would be huge and I don't think any other entity, including big business, would be able to stop it. As a society we've survived many disruptive technologies, the car, the personal computer, and the internet quickly come to mind. Players adjust and many rush in to capitalize on significant change.

Big change creates winners and losers and a cure for diabetes would certainly follow this scenario. The upside potential, both monetary and prestige, is so big that the beneficiaries of the status quo could never hold it back. It's human (and business) nature.

The age old conspiracy again? Yawn! Big Pharma won't find the cure because that is not what they do. The cure will come from a scientific biological discovery and breakthrough, even an accident - I hope it is from a research project of young people at college who just stumble on to it. And it will apply to most if not all AI diseases/conditions. Research continues, and thank goodness for that. There will be no cure until the cause is found, though. I depend on Big Pharma to survive. As long as "people" allow and accept the rising costs and prices of their products and services then they have no desire to promote a cure...why would they. But no one could keep this secret - not even for a second.

I think there is a possibility the cure may come as an accidental discovery, which happens all the time. While investigating another autoimmune disease, perhaps. The Diabetes Research Institute is working towards a cure and if they find it, I'm sure they will see the cure through to fruition. As well as many other organizations. But I agree the information cannot be sold to big pharma. Smart insulin was sold to Merck, and I was so sure they would follow through as they have no insulin. They do manufacture Januvia and other drugs, however. And I believe they suppressed SmartInsulin, which would have been a practical cure if not a biological cure.